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Illegal Alien free food stamps, housing, medical care and even Social Security, SWEET!

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I try not to watch/read anything Fox News. They are as bad as the helmet heads at MSNBC.

In honesty I watch MSNBC everyday and to a lesser extent Fox News.

It's not all that hard to recognize the opinion shows and I believe that's valuable to get an idea what people on the right and left are thinking.

Even with the opinion shows I don't believe that anyone is actually making up the news from whole cloth.

They both serve separate demographics.

Watching either one allows you to hone your arguments with your opponent's whoever they may be.


Personally I'm less trustful about the major networks news. I think they are as biased as MSNBC but it's not quite so obvious. And in fairness the main point is to sell soap or cars or investment or rubbers or video games...


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