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  1. kshutchins

    early game thoughts

    Whenever I meet a Yankees fan, I give them one of these:
  2. kshutchins

    early game thoughts

    I was talking with a Yankees fan (one of my co-workers) 3/4 of the way through this past baseball season. She said she had given up on the Yankees for the year because, "they've disappointed me so much that I can't take it anymore." When I pointed out to her that she was talking with a Cleveland sports fan and that she really should re-think her definition of "disappointment" her reply was, "yeah, well this season has been BAD!" I really did not know how to respond to that without completely losing it, so I just walked away. Sheesh.
  3. The classic phone sex question, uttered in sultry tones: "What are you wearing?" The response is often a creative invention, designed to elicit the desired breathless response. Today, I am wearing pink aeropostale sweats, a Cleveland sweatshirt I bought in the airport during my most recent trip to the North Coast, and.. The frog slippers are comfort clothes most useful when I am sick. How many of you are sick? I've been coughing and sneezing for a week now and I'm, well, sick of it. I attribute my illness to the fact that I reside in a germ pool consisting of 5-600 fresh faces of elementary and middle school children each week. This makes the likelihood of an errant strain to which I have no resistance making it's rebellious way past the normal lines of defense much greater than normal. I've been spending every spare moment not involved with work or basic survival functions, lying in bed hoping warm blankets and frequent naps will have a healing effect. If you suffer from the same or similar ailment, I recommend "sick tea." 1 cup of hot strong tea (normally I'm a Mint Medley girl, but for this, Constant Comment is my brew of choice) dollop of honey (for throat soothing) tablespoon of lemon juice (for the Vitamin C) Brandy (or if you happen to have the tailgate beverage of choice, Larry's "orange sh**" handy, that will do to induce sleep or make you care not quite so much that you are sick) I've never really understood people who prefer cold beverages when they are sick. Go figure. They must be Steeler fans. What does this have to do with Fantasy Football? Heck if I know. I just feel miserable and felt like sharing the wealth. Plus, nobody's really given me much else to talk about. The Smack Talk this week consists of Jeffrey's Grand Team taking a shot at DD's with "hi." Calfox KosarDawgs had a 32 point margin of victory this week, winning the "Biggest Blowout" award. Oreo's team currently holds the longest winning streak (5) but if Yahoo's predictions are to be believed, the streak should end this week courtesy of Team Whoopass. It appears that there are lots of lopsided matchups this week. Choo Choo's are chugging along in the basement nipping at the contents of the wine cellar. Though they've yet to win a game, they are favored this week by a margin of 3 points over dirty hands. The dirty hands already have 23 points courtesy of AJ Green and Charles Clay, so we'll see. Oreo's Team is a 20+ point underdog vs TEAM WHOOPASS! this week. The Hammer starts the day with -2 points and is likely to lose to Browns57 with 11 points going into Sunday's games DD's could pick up a key victory today over toxic's avengers. Kamac19 faces Gocong Or Go Home (who, in 11th place, should really be having fun with the fact that he's favored by 20) Jeffrey's Grand Team and Calfox KosarDawgs are going to hold hands during the coin toss and sing Kumbaya. Hope you are all healthier than I and that your team beats the odds! Current Standings (not including this week) 1 Calfox KosarDawgs 6-2-0 2 TEAM WHOOPASS! 3 The Hammer 5-3-0 4 Oreo's Team 5 DD's 6 Kamac19 7 dirty hands 4-4-0 8 Browns57 9 Jeffrey's Grand Team 10 toxic's avengers 2-6-0 11 Gocong Or Go Home 12 Choo Choo's 0-8-0
  4. kshutchins

    Pro Pick'em!

    At last I remembered to make my picks before Thursday night's game.
  5. kshutchins

    Skrine Rising

    Last year I used to cringe when Skrine's name was mentioned. This season he won me over with his play in the endzone a week or so ago. He nullified a TD attempt by closing fast, getting his hands in the receiver's face and I don't think he even touched the guy. It was amazing to me. I think the guy deserves a thumbs up for his improvement. It's likely teams have been throwing in his direction because they had the same opinion of his play that the rest of us previously had. Time will tell if this is an aberration but color me impressed.
  6. Okay, so Tuesday nights are trivia night and I can't miss trivia to type up a league report. I am so invaluable to my trivia team they wouldn't know what to do without me. ::hysterical laughter in the background:: Who else would know the capital of Oregon? Besides ... I can't miss a dip into the craft brew heaven "What's On Tap?" just for this crowd. Wednesdays SHOULD be okay for typing up reports but I spent last Wednesday night at work filling 150 dropper bottles with simulated blood for the Forensics lesson I'm in charge of that happened on Thursday. This Wednesday promises to be more of the same (the last 150 bottles need to be filled for an even larger group THIS Thursday and that's likely when they'll be delivered by our friends at UPS). So ... y'all are stuck with last week's standings in the middle of this week's games. (And nobody better give me grief about not ordering the bottles and getting all this stupid blood stuff done in advance because it all has to do with when my superiors were willing and able to release the money to authorize the purchase and nobody is happy about it.) So.... not that anybody cares... (a line from the Big Bang Theory... bazinga!) Week 4; JEFFREY'S GRAND TEAM smacked Dirty hands for a 56 point Biggest Blowout win, becoming a Toyota Hall of Fame Legend of Fantasy football. If my math is correct, and it seldom is, this is the second highest margin of victory of the season. The record is held, ironically, by Dirty Hands, who clobbered toxic's avengers in week one. I'm sure someone will gleefully correct me if I'm wrong. The current standings are: Team Whoopass 4-0-0 Though Whoopass is predicted to win this week, he's currently behind toxic's avengers by a score of 51-13. The Avengers picked up 21 points from Buffalo's Jackson and 15 from Cleveland's Josh Gordon. to kick off this week's contests. If you like rooting for the underdog, throw your enthusiasm to the 9th place Avengers. At 3-1: Calfox KosarDawgs, The Hammer, and Browns 57. 2-0 teams: DD's, Dirty Hands, Kamac 19 and the previously mentioned Jeffrey's Grand Team. 1-3: toxic's avengers, Oreo's Team, Gocong or Go Home. Oreo is too busy playing with her Cat's Meow toy (As Seen on TV!) to pay any attention to her team. Currently charged with tapping the keg and decorating the basement for the eventual championship party: The last place Choo Choo's. Go Brownies!
  7. kshutchins

    Fantasy Football Results Week 2

    In my opinion, Fantasy Football rankings don't really matter all that much yet. The Browns Board has 3 teams essentially tied for 1st (see Zombo's fascinating and clever posts above) at 2-0-0, then a bunch of teams knotted up at 1-1-0, followed by the wannabe's at 0-2-2. There's no real trash talk. ::Yawn:: Zombo's WildDawgs frantically dropped Weeden for McGahee. Whoop de doo. Browns Board 2 is just about as interesting but more evenly divided: 4 teams each at 2-0, 1-1 and 0-2. Oreo's Team, defending champs, are off to a slow start in 9th place. Y'all are going to have to do something more interesting to get your team name mentioned in the summary.
  8. kshutchins

    Pro Pick'em!

    Is he incognito or is Skippy out this season?
  9. ::shaking the mud off my shoes:: Haven't been around in a while for a variety of reasons including the fact that, as my older son observed about my computer, "Mom, this machine is unusable." It was barely functional enough so he was able to make it barely functional. At any rate, I was able to scrape together sufficient coin to allow me to stare into the monstrously huge, gorgeous screen of a brand spanking new iMac. So I guess it won't be too painful to try to type out a league summary every week now that I won't have to wait 20 minutes for my computer to fight in vain to boot up. The blue smoke hasn't completely escaped from my old computer so it was available for the draft. The Apple is so new I didn't have time to load a PC emulator or an appropriately functional draft app. If any of you have a suggestion for the best way to manage sans FLASH, let me know. The draft went fine and quick as greased lightning since most folks plugged into auto draft. Oreo's Team, skillfully managed by my cat, is the defending champ in this league and pulled off a grade of B in the draft. I called out the picks manually so I'm happy with that but Oreo's only reaction was to sharpen her claws and lick her paws. Jeffrey's Grand Team took top honors, taking home the first trophy of the season: Toyota Hall of Fame Legends of Fantasy Football. Occupying the basement with D grades: Gocong or Go Home and Toxic Avengers. Their prize is that they get to start redecorating the cellar after tapping the keg and distributing cold glasses of brew to their superiors. The familiar faces of The Hammer, Kamac 19, Team Whoopass, Choo Choo's, Calfox KosarDawgs, Browns57, DD's and dirty hands round out the league and are busily either forgetting to set their lineups or aiming for distinction so their names will be called out in glorious recognition. Hang onto your hats! The season is ON! Long lost,
  10. kshutchins

    Chip Kelly

    Doesn't matter if Kelly turns out to be successful or not. He wasn't a good fit for the Browns for whatever reason. If he turns out to be successful with the Eagles, it doesn't mean he would have done the same in Cleveland. I did not like how he appeared to handle the interview process or the time it took for him to make his final decision. For that reason, I like the choice Haslam made to go in a different direction.
  11. kshutchins

    I Love Uniform Talk

    Ghoolie must have been ousted again or he'd be here yapping about leggy cheerleaders.
  12. kshutchins

    Norv Turner Officially Named Oc

    It's going to be a fun year to watch some rookie head coaches.
  13. kshutchins

    I Love Uniform Talk

    I remember '64 VERY clearly (things don't start to get hazy until around '68-'70) and I am beginning to resent the frequent jabs identifying me as a stilted old fogey. I am definitely in favor of change as long as there is some sense of style involved. You can respect the past without living in it.
  14. kshutchins

    I Love Uniform Talk

    I agree about the logo. The "cool" factor is important, IMO. I also think a metallic gleam on the helmets would look good. We need a breath of fresh air.
  15. kshutchins

    I Love Uniform Talk

    Hey. As a member of the "over 45" group on the Board, I vote for fresh and stylish. Just because I would look out of place standing with the cheerleaders, it doesnt mean I've tired of appreciating young, well-dressed sexy bods.