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  1. Westside Steve

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    Respectfully That's just a result of media propaganda.Fauci didn't particularly like trump and for the democrats the enemy of my enemy is my friend.We are all aware of how many times fauci changed his story, specially in the early few months. If he had been trump's best friend and trump would have made those proclamations because of his good buddy Fauci the democrats would have hated him too. That's just the way it is. And you may be right about the vaccine but I still have a sneaking suspicion the democrats, who just adore regulations and red tape, may have slowed that down. Who knows? WSS
  2. Fatheads JAFB Rhinegeist, even Great Lakes and The Brew Kettle Ohio breweries making some of the best beer in the country. WSS
  3. Westside Steve

    Barbecue season

    Get my selfie for pound or so English roast some Claude's brisket merinade and some mesquite pellets. That smoke tube kicks ass. Filled with pellets and it smokes for almost 4 hours. One of these days I am going to do some ribs in corned beef brine. WSS
  4. Westside Steve

    Anybody still wearing your mask?

    You getting vaccinated? WSS
  5. Westside Steve

    Annoying phrases.

    Here's a fairly recent one that's annoying Side hustle. WSS
  6. Westside Steve

    Biden's tax returns

    https://www.aol.com/news/biden-tax-returns-paid-25-214354859-113052894.html?soc_src=aolapp Meaning hes no better at picking a CPA than any of his cabinet members. But you must admit it's some pretty good wages for sitting in the basement in your underwear watching The Weather Channel. WSS
  7. OK we will Grant you that, but come on man, Trump's hair!!!!!! WSS
  8. Westside Steve


    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/we-don-t-deserve-10-year-old-girl-reflects-destruction-n1267576?soc_src=aolapp I realise there are members of the board with varying opinions on the United States support for Israel. It seems to me that the left wing media has taken its stand. This is just one example but most of the news stories I've seen are somewhere along these lines. At least the headlines which is about as much as anybody sees. My position, as I am sure most of you know, is the United States should support Israel and not China and Iran. WSS
  9. Westside Steve

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    Sure. On the other hand to be fair if the people she represents actually wanted to Usher in the Joe Biden administration… (but if that was the case they've probably voted for her opponent)I just don't think they did. Now they may well have disagreed with the president in reducing the troops in the Middle East contrary to her neo con views. WSS
  10. Westside Steve

    Someone on this board maybe?

    Well of the 2 guys I thought of right off the bat one is probably too old to reproduce and the other one doesn't like women. But who knows? WSS
  11. Westside Steve

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    Can't say as I wholeheartedly agree with you but take this example. Let's start by assuming the parties operate on a specific set of issues.(yes I realize thats a dubious assumption) I will let you pick your own hypothetical but let's say that 1 of these parties has an issue that means a lot to you. Or a few issues that mean a lot to you. Let's say you supported a candidate because of that But for whatever reason they decide to do something to make that issue Dead On Arrival. Why wouldn't you wish to be represented by a candidate who shared your belief? And it really doesn't matter which party were talking about. But shouldn't we be voting for representatives who share our vision? WSS
  12. Westside Steve

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    Yet even though none of this horse shit has anything to do with the original topic which I thought might have been interesting... In other news the Los Angeles rams were certified the winner over the New Orleans Saints. WSS
  13. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread