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    The Browns...For LIFE!!! Mopars(thats Dodge,Dodge Truck,Plymouth,Chrysler,Jeep) for those who didn't know! My Family,My Wife Tammi, shes AMAZING!!!! Large Dogs(Saint Bernards we have 4) and doing large breed dog rescue! Jesus,Yes I'm saved and proud of it!!! Did i mention the Cleveland Browns...Love em! The Indians,Cavs,O.S.U,also the N.O.Saints got to have a NFC team right?)

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  1. BrownsnMopar

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Wow such sad news. R.I.P. Gipper. Prayers for peace and comfort for all who knew him.
  2. BrownsnMopar

    Getting a Little Tired?

    I listen only to local stuff. I E ...WKNR WFAN... so I can half ass comment! Even at that, I too am sick of hearing about ALL the premidona athletes and their BULLSHIT!!! You get paid to play a game enjoy the accolades SHUT UP, and GO HOME....
  3. STFU...DA SHUT THE F&%# UP... DUMB A$$!!! Baker Mayfield is OUR QB1!!!!!! GO BROWNS!!! GO SKIP AWAY TROLL TURTLE!!!
  4. Sorry I was not clear on the 2020 catch totals! He needs coaching! But seems a coachable young man! We have an amazing coaching staff. He is a small project with amazing UPSIDE! From the series he seems to LOVE football! He left the track side of his life to pursue FOOTBALL! MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH US ON MAY THE 4TH BE WITH US!!!! GO BROWNS!!
  5. Watch the "Road to the Pros" 3 part series on Schwartz!!! Gives a great perspective of his talents! He led Auburn with 117 catches with 8 drops...I really like this kid!!! GO BROWNS!
  6. Barron Browning! LB! The Ohio state Buckeyes! If I'm wrong.... I'm still correct! O-H... GO BROWNS!!!
  7. BrownsnMopar

    Rounds 2 & 3

    They will draft a CB in Rd1 If CB Greg Newsome II is there he is the pick...if he is gone...Georgia CB Eric Stokes! I really do like the trade back scenario SD Backer 80 suggests above!!!
  8. BrownsnMopar

    Rest in peace Les Levine

    Great show Les! Today... R.I.P. Every day! ☝️
  9. BrownsnMopar

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    @GIPPER There is NO such thing as reverse racism! You are either a racist or not! GO BROWNS!!!
  12. BrownsnMopar

    Wishing you guys the best for tomorrow

    I am a Browns fan first and till I die! My next favorite team is the Saints! My Saints fandom comes from family that has lived in or around New Orleans forever. My wife and I also rescue Saint Bernards!!! We currently have 5 Saints Bernard's including one named Baker Ozzy ( his nickname is BUBBA!) BUBBA BAKER! I to would love to see a Browns/Saints Super Bowl with the Browns winning!!! GO BROWNS!!!
  13. BrownsnMopar

    The drought is over.

    GOOOOOO BROWNS!!! I AM A BROWNS FAN TILL I DIE!!! We as Browns fans have been through SO much! I Love you all for your dedication! I pray we are rewarded for our do diligence! God bless you all for staying the course! I AM HERE FOR THE DURATION! GOD BLESS OUR CLEVELAND BROWNS! GODSPEED!!! GO BROWNS!!! THANKS!!! 🍻😎☝️☝️☝️
  14. BrownsnMopar

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! May 2021 find you in Gods blessings! Prayers for an amazing year full of health,wealth,and wisdom! GO BROWNS!!! 🥂🍻😎☝️☝️☝️
  15. BrownsnMopar

    Merry Christmas, All...

    Merry Christmas! Gods blessings for the New Year!!!