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    The narrative we knew is not reality...

    And now the VA is authorizing Transgenders to have sex change operations at government expense. Meanwhile, thousands of vets get disapproved for service connected ailments. How the fuck is this fair?
  2. DieHardBrownsFan

    This is what's happening in Biden's America

    She is brilliant.
  3. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Major TDS.
  4. DieHardBrownsFan

    Carl Nassib is Gay

    Well. You're English. And we all know you guys are fags.
  5. DieHardBrownsFan

    Carl Nassib is Gay

    We all liked pussy however. Unlike you.
  6. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

  7. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

  8. DieHardBrownsFan

    More corrupt IRS crap

  9. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Of course not. It's the progressives who are. Pelosi is demented also so she has no clue.
  10. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

    A severely demented President and a totally incompetent Vice President.
  11. https://www.foxla.com/news/mayor-eric-garcetti-and-coalition-of-u-s-mayors-launch-reparations-initiative
  12. https://www.foxla.com/news/man-charged-in-beating-of-woman-at-gardena-gas-station-in-unprovoked-attack
  13. TDS is alive and well!!!!
  14. DieHardBrownsFan

    "And They Call Me Crazy"

    She crazy,.
  15. That's the face of someone with a few lights off upstairs.
  16. https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-snaps-reporter-over-putin-question-wrong-business
  17. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!

  18. DieHardBrownsFan

    Happy Juneteenth!