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  1. ClevelandFanForLife

    Emmanuel Ogbah

    Now that's a fair criticism. Much better than the "this team sucks" mentality.
  2. ClevelandFanForLife

    Emmanuel Ogbah

  3. ClevelandFanForLife

    Emmanuel Ogbah

    Exactly. People need to stop whining about everything like little bitches.
  4. ClevelandFanForLife

    Emmanuel Ogbah

    Who did all you guys want? A guy with major drug issues or one of two guys who may never recover from knee injuries? Stop complaining about everything. It's the second round. Not everyone is Joey Bosa.
  5. ClevelandFanForLife

    The Cleveland Browns are okay

    This is a complete rebuild guys. It's going to get rough like '99 and I'm ok with that.
  6. Ahem... I believe you forgot the original...
  7. ClevelandFanForLife

    Haloti Gnata traded to Detroit.

    If anyone thinks the Browns could have pulled off this deal you are nuts. No way the Ravens trade Ngata to anyone in the AFC North.
  8. ClevelandFanForLife

    Re-Aligning the AFC

    Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Indianapolis should be the AFC North.
  9. ClevelandFanForLife

    NYC to Cleveland

    Akron-Canton airport is an hour from Cleveland. It's about 45 miles away. I have no idea how many kilometers it is #Murica
  10. ClevelandFanForLife

    September 11

    I was a freshman in high school in fourth period math class. I remember when someone told me that a plane hit the WTC that I thought "how could someone screw up that bad?" When someone else told me a couple minutes later that the other building was hit, I knew it no accident. The rest of that day is still vivid in my mind. God bless the brave 343 firefighters and over 100 cops who gave there lives that day. Prayers with the families of those who didn't make it out. God bless any firefighter, cop or serviceman who serves this great nation. You are all heroes.
  11. ClevelandFanForLife

    Caption this pic

    "Sam's first of many sacks tonight."
  12. ClevelandFanForLife

    Josh Gordon Troubles

    Remember kids, if you're going to commit a crime, make sure it's something harmless like drunk driving or beating a woman.
  13. ClevelandFanForLife

    Brown's New Mascot

    You win the internet today, sir.
  14. ClevelandFanForLife

    Who has bought this!?

    Seriously though, that thing is awful. Who would want that?
  15. ClevelandFanForLife

    Who has bought this!?

    My father bought me that right before he died you son of a bitch.