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  1. Browns57


    I just ordered my I HATE THE STEELERS shirt from The Luna team shop so they are still available. It will take about 2 weeks to receive. There is plenty of time to get one this year before the first Steelers matchup of the season. You can all get a name and a number added to the back if you want which I thought was cool. Hopefully, some of the proceeds still benefit the board.
  2. Browns57

    The Browns Board Tailgate 2019

    My brother and I will be up! See you all on Sunday.
  3. Browns57

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I met Stan around 2003-2004 shortly after finding this board. I was welcomed immediately at my first tailgate and Stan and I hit it off right from the start (like he did with so many others). He was such a jokester that I actually didn't believe the news of his passing when Kathy messaged me (for which I now feel terrible). There are so many great stories we can all tell about our times with Stan, and so many that we have heard about him from others during our tailgates. He was truly one of a kind with an energy, and unmatched whit and will be terribly missed. One thing Stan told me recently sums him up perfectly. He told me not to do something halfway. If you are going to do something you have to always be all in. After all, that is what he did with his family, his friends, his coaching, his work........ My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very trying time. I wish you all the very best. Stan will never be forgotten!
  4. So the best way to get this accomplished is for us to pin a message on the board that says everybody make sure they update their email address on the board so we can reseed and then post which league each member will play in each year. If this is something that cannot be done admins let me know. That way we can get updated info plus they will have plenty of advanced notice (not just weeks but about a year.)
  5. So instead you decided to change league settings to make this more difficult. Good solution.
  6. Well maybe for you. But I didn't get one email. I had to reach out personally to a board admin to get my spot back and that only happened yesterday sooooo...... And I don't see anywhere where he asked when was a good time for the draft. Did that happen. That is always up for debate and has been changed due to conflicts. Never been an issue before in all the years I have played here. But hey if I need to autodraft I will. But if Monday evening works for everyone no reason not to move it. We already had 1 person say they would prefer it. Does Monday night not work for you?
  7. I agree with you he has to keep making changes. Last year I drafted only to find out he added a TE position when we never ever had that position before. As for changes I am fine with having a TE now that we know I just think all leagues should be the same (used to be that way for all leagues). As for the draft time there are conflicts and we need to be informed and vote. On the FF site there is a place for us to give feedback if we are asked by the commish. But that would also mean we would have to NOT be cut from the league and things get changed etc....etc.... But hey he is young and they do what they want. We will get it straightened out. My feedback would be let's tell him what we think by posting on the Yahoo FF page so he will know when we have a beef (I think you did last year). But as I said earlier, if you want everyone to fully participate the should be present for the draft. I they get stuck with a bad team odds go down. Last year we had a couple who didn't even set lineups.
  8. Ok Zombo, I have a possible solution. We may not be able to implement it this year because some leagues have different settings it seems (but maybe we can). It would be a 2 year solution. In the first year we all play as normal. Then the following year we take the first and second place finishers in each league from the prior year + wildcard teams based on highest scoring points from all leagues to fill out 1 league. Then that league will give you the best of the best for a 2 year period. Then we reset and start over the following year. Best I could come up with if we want a true champion. The only challenges would be scoring/positions/and # of teams in each league should be the same across all leagues as that will have an impact on total points for wildcard as well as quality of champions. It is easier to win an 8 team league than it is a 12 team league etc. We could increase that 8 team league to 10 if you wanted to start this year. It still wouldn't be perfect but it would be better. I would jump in that 8 team league if somebody else would too. Any other thoughts???? ....
  9. Browns57

    Flash Is Back

    All this talk about Gordon. He is as Hoorta and Zombo said flat out a star/freak of nature and he will be a force against the Steelers. If the OL can hold up, no team can shut down Gordon, Landry, Calloway and Njoku, and Carlos Hyde. That is a whole lot of talent! And they should have plenty of opportunities to shine because the defense should be forcing a lot of punts each and every game. I can't wait to see Avery or Miles Garrett level Big Ben! He is going to wish he had retired.
  10. Not having a tight end makes the league more fun. You have to find more pass catching backs or marginal we for the flex spot. Or you could draft gronk and add him. But the bigger point is that is the way all leagues have been run since long before you got here so why do you think you should be the one to switch it. As for people not competing that can become a problem but not because of having 12 teams it is just the people who were playing. Same two teams every year in this league. If you want better participation though you should definitely make sure people are there for the draft because if they get stuck with a bad auto draft that can be a deterent and cause lack of investment. Thank you for finally sorting things out and in the future a quick message to zombo to say hey ask him if he is in would work. Not all of is frequent the brown when season isn't on as we have other things more important going on. But we do play every single year. If you had been here longer you would know who those people are. You will learn.
  11. Please move the draft to Monday evening. I will be at an Alice Cooper show on Sunday evening. Also we still have time to add 2 more teams if 2 more want to get in. Much better to have 12 teams. Let's also match the other leagues and remove the TE spot and make it the way we have been running all leagues here for the past 15 years. And obviously it should be a PPR league if it isn't. Thanks.
  12. Browns57

    how good did myles look against the eagles 1's?

    Avery #55 has looked great thus far as well. I think between him and Miles Garrett there are going to be a lot of opposing QB's on their back's this year.
  13. You did not and this is the 2nd year you pulled this. Plus you changed the rules of the league last year after we have been doing this longer than you have even been on this board.
  14. I am supposed to be in League 4 but I think Flying J deleted me out so if there are any openings in any leagues Zombo send me an invite. Preferably a 12 team league. 8 teams is for the birds. Thank you!
  15. Well we do need wide receivers IMO so I might give Dorial Green-Beckham one more shot for a small contract. I will be shocked if Kenny Brit can do much of anything this year. At 24 years old I think it may be worth a chance but at this stage of pre-season I doubt we add anybody to the WR corp, and we just go with the young guys we drafted last year and hope for the best.