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  1. Haven't said it a ton in his short tenure, but really like the young nucleus Koby is putting together.  This trade isn't giving up much considering the Bucks first rounder will be a very low probability lottery pick, the 2nd rounder & Exum all being expendable for Jarrett Allen alone.

    Time to unload Love &/or Drummond to a contender that needs rebounding help!

  2. On 12/23/2020 at 7:40 PM, tiamat63 said:

    That double move DPJ put on against off-man might foreshadow his change of direction and ability to separate when his footwork is right and consistent.  Should he continue to improve on that in the off-season, no reason People's can't be a quality NFL receiver.    He's a rookie and contributing early - give it time.

    He's made several KEY blocks down the stretch here.  Rook looks like a steal, though the Buckeye in me wanted KJ Hill

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