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  1. Nero

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    That old Crew logo looked great (first time I see it) and the new logo is awful as hell. I don't know how did they come up with such an ugly shield form. It is one of the weirdest soccer logos I have ever seen. What the hell is that right triangle beneath the C???
  2. A win is a win. That's the same case scenario when a bad soccer player scores a beautiful goal: "it's a fluke, blablablah..." Who cares as long as HE DID score a beautiful goal.
  3. I know you love cal so much, but I have to side with him on this one. He got many people in this board saying that Allen couldn't hit the broad side of a barn during all the draft process and he shut many voices with his performance (plus he's a great guy and team leader, IMO). So cal has some bragging rights on this one.
  4. I think there are no "defensive chess pieces" since even the king can be used on offense.
  5. I like that I'm seeing Baker in good shape. Keep it up!
  6. Nero

    Issues with the board and graphics

    You'd be amazed.
  7. Nero

    Issues with the board and graphics

    The thing is... I'm not wealthy at all. But give me a context and a trget for donation and I might do so. That's why I asked, because I know you can donate but I bet there is people like me who would donate if they were asked for in a particular context (say renewal of the website for good performance).
  8. Nero

    Issues with the board and graphics

    How much money are we talking? Knowing the target maybe we could raise some funds from the users. I have just got a job and I might even put some of my money.
  9. Nero

    Browns Sign Another DT Vet

    I have trust issues, kids. See this is why. I noticed this one thing. A good deal of the commentary really does look like they cut and paste and moved some words around. I feel most analysis has become lazy AF.
  10. Nero


    I'm both Spaniard and Hispanic. Villa is a term that comes from latin and exists in many languages, and means both country house or village. In fact, village comes from that same latin term. Villanueva therefore means either new country house/village. I would believe that it is Vilanova in italian and not Villanova (LL is hispanic)
  11. Nero


    Nah, I was just messing with you for messing with his Hispanic surname. Spaniard is from Spain, hispanic is a Spanish etnic descendant, so it includes most of Central and South America and the Caribbean, for example. Alejandro is half Spaniard, because both his parents are from Spain, but he was born and raised in the USA.
  12. Nero


    You can choose to respect a Spaniard or better yet, a veteran, Dipper In Spain we follow this guy (just like Arcega-Whiteside) and he's a cool, respectful guy, but I think it is safe to say that he is a downgrade from Orlando Brown. He has consistently been a weak link in the Steelers' Oline I'd say.
  13. ...Who wore the wrong cleats and missed a huge prize.
  14. Here's to another week with no Browns players on this thread. Cheers!