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  1. TypicalBrowns50

    It ain't over 'til it's over...

    Worst part of this board is how left it is. Ugh.
  2. TypicalBrowns50

    Draft Grades

    They probably serve extra salt on everything at vagitrons restaurant
  3. I admit I was harsh on baker the first half of last year. He was mediocre. He excelled the 2nd half and was dropping absolute dimes, ironically right after OBJ got hurt. the main dynamic I want to see this year is Baker and Odell. If they have some better chemistry, it opens up the offense tremendously. would you guys say last year Baker and Odell looked a little better? I’d say maybe marginally. The offense by its nature is about spreading the ball to multiple playmakers so I can see Odell having a similar year to last year. Hope he stays healthy.
  4. TypicalBrowns50

    Cleveland with a different color

    If that ever happened and we changed colors I would commit hari Kari on myself
  5. TypicalBrowns50

    NFL Draft Round 4 and Beyond

    Andrew berry is destroying this draft. So nice to see a competent FO
  6. TypicalBrowns50

    Who Ended Up Going Downtown?

    It was fun. I went last night, today the weather is stunning I may go back down. I was able to see the trade up for JOK live which was badass
  7. TypicalBrowns50

    The Draft: Round One

    Drafting A RB in the first round in today’s NFL is pure genius when you have no oline. The browns are lucky with the other AFCN picks. Browns are gonna take the division
  8. TypicalBrowns50

    The Draft: Round One

    Tour2ma knows his oline stuff vag. Najee did look like a whiny crybaby punk little bitch so he will fit right into the culture Pitt is building
  9. TypicalBrowns50

    The Draft: Round One

    Can’t have enough good corners in the league. why do you guys think so many receivers are going in the first round? I didn’t think Newsome would be here at 26. Good pick, fell right to us
  10. TypicalBrowns50

    Who Could be THE Bust of this draft?

    Trevor Lawrence and Urban both flop In Jacksonville. That’s my prediction
  11. TypicalBrowns50

    Who Could be THE Bust of this draft?

    The biggest bust of the day is steelers resigning Tomlin for another 3 years. Was so happy to hear that
  12. I can’t say much about this move until I watch the tape
  13. TypicalBrowns50

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Chiefs prolly win in a shootout cuz our D can’t stop a 5 year old and can’t get stops when they need them most.
  14. TypicalBrowns50

    ***WILDCARD: Browns AT Steelers Gameday Thread***

    Cuz the culture is fucked at Pittsburgh. All whine no shine. Tomlin is to blame for the players being bitches and not shutting up
  15. TypicalBrowns50

    ***WILDCARD: Browns AT Steelers Gameday Thread***

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