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  1. Zombo

    Nick Chubb 3yrs 36M extension

    This is great news, my friends. I have been on vacation the past three weeks. You could have posted anything you wanted to, and probably did. But I am BACK for a great 2021. Don't ask me how this board keeps rolling with absolutely no maintenance and 2003 software, but it does. Go Browns! Love this ... Nick Chubb is the heart of the team and a perfect football player. Z
  2. Zombo

    21 (Browns' questions) for '21

    18 starts, 12 wins, 26 Tds, 8 Ints isn't a good full season? Z
  3. Lebron is the best basketball player of his generation, an awesome Dad and philanthropist, a good man, and delivered Cleveland it's only championship in 57 years. You guys are fools. Z
  4. Me too, I haven't been to North Port or Port Charlotte for a game yet, so maybe we can do a "home & home". Z
  5. Zombo

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Hooper seemed lead-footed to me. Bryant could be the future at the position. Z
  6. @Westside SteveDoesn't seem like bullshit, and we've got a covo started in this thread. Z
  7. Zombo

    Baker's frilly shirt

    That's a man that does not give af what you think. Love him. Z
  8. Zombo

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    Landry. I don't see a scenario where Nojoku returns. And OBJ has to pretty much be NFL MVP to earn his pay for next year. Landry on a reworked year. Schwartz and People Jones will have a big say in this. Z
  9. Zombo

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    If it wasn't for Jamie Meder we would have had back-to-back 0-16 Seasons, but he got his big paw on a SD FG, preserving an unlikely victory. Our only one in two long years 😮
  10. The Clark News is good news ... anything that hurts the Chiefs is good. Mingo ... always thought there was something odd about that guy. Which genius GM spent #6 overall on him? Z
  11. Zombo

    Baker's frilly shirt

    Baker is fucking cool as shit. He lives on a lake with his hot wife, he took us from 0-16 to 12-6 and he can wear any fucking shirt he wants. Think of all the soulless fucks we've had at the position between Bernie and him ... Z
  12. Zombo

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    Ya, I wish Toga wasn't a Buckeye, then he'd be more of a surprise ☺. Hill made a splash when he signed, but then we added Johnson at Safety and Newsome at corner, and now he's almost an "oh, ya, btw" signing... Z
  13. Zombo

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    From the fan base, I think these are the most over-rated topics this off-season: 1. Andrew Billings. Seems we've all decided that his guy is all of the sudden some "force in the middle" when he was average at best in Cincy. 2. RB/KR Felton. Seems every year the fanbase falls in love with a late-round draft pick, and it seems like Felton is this year's choice. If D'ernst Johnson has a weakness as a 3rd string rb, I don't know what it is. Maybe this guy will be a good kick returner or develop into a decent receiver out of the backfield, but he's small and I don't see the kind of speed that makes me think twice about him, actually. 3. Rashard Higgins returning. I love the guy, but with OBJ back, Peoples-Jones with a year under his belt and Schwartz added to the stable, I don't think he's going to get as many targets as some may think. Sneeky good moves that are maybe not getting enough attention: 1. Signing CB Troy Hill. That slot corner position has become increasingly important, and we wrapped up one of the best in his career prime with a four year deal. 2. Fourth Round Beef. DT Toga Toga and OT James Hudson are the kind of depth picks that keep the big train rolling. They may not be rookie breakouts, but they will solidly replace expiring contracts over the next year or two. 3. UDFA Marvin Wilson Now this is an acquisition that seems to be putting the right prospect in the right spot to succeed. This guy could be starting next year and we didn't even spend a draft pick on him. Zombo
  14. Who is the fat Italian guy? Certainly not me, I am the Dad bod (ok, grand dad bod)Irish American guy. Z
  15. The older I get, the less I care about preseason and the more I am apt to go into cardiac arrest during a regular season game. Z -- And Russ, agreed on Baseball, meet me in Fort Myers next year for a game at "Little Fenway"!