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  1. Zombo

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    It was very detailed. Jimmy was very set in his ways, but I proposed the idea of making Bernie Kosar a permanent part of the organization after seeing the reaction he got from the fans at the draft, and Dee loved the idea, and she banged me in the parking lot after we all attended Catholic Mass. Z
  2. Zombo

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    After readiing this thread yesterday, I had a dream last night that I was doing Dee Haslem. Thanks. Zombo
  3. Zombo

    Haslam and soccer

    I like the term "broads". I was thinking of bringing it back. Zombo
  4. Zombo

    Haslam and soccer

    Ya, I don't know much about raising no chitlins either, but I would think if a kid is a middle schooler headed to somewhere like St. Iggy or Mentor, the Dad's not going to think "better not go into football, you'll have to play Glenview" but I can see Mom saying "I don't want to watch my son get hurt, see if he likes soccer". Zombo
  5. Zombo

    Haslam and soccer

    I think parents may guide their kids to soccer because it is less violent than football. I don't think it has anything to do with "inner-city negros". Who talks like that, is it 1965? Z
  6. Zombo

    Schedule Release

    Browns Open schedule at KC, 4:25 PM Week One. Boom! Z
  7. Zombo

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    I imagine they will cut the othe rkicker, but neither are going to beat out Parkay. Zombo
  8. Last year, you were allowed four protected players on the practice squad that could not be claimed on waivers, and did not have to be put on waivers to be on the practice squad. That rule was in place for Covid, so I'm sure if it will be the same this year, I hope so, I liked it. Zombo
  9. Zombo

    Issues with the board and graphics

    Board needs updated. I can't log in under Stan's admin login. I told Kathy, she didn't seem to understand the issue. We've been flying without engines for over two years and somehow haven't crashed yet. Zombo
  10. Zombo

    Post Draft Survey

    1. The Browns now have Elliot/Billings/Malik Jackson/Marvin Wilso/Square/Togiai/McDowell and Day at DT. Do they really have room to bring back Sheldon Richardson? How many of these guys stick? Not an inspriring group, Jackson may still have some gas left and I like the draft pick Toga Toga. Billings the best of the nose tackle types. Plenty of room for Sheldon on that roster and on the cap. 2. Which of the following QB/WR/RB reunions will work best in the pros: Burrows/Chase LSU; Tua/Waddell Alabama; Hurt/Smith Alabama; Lawrence/Etienne Clemson 3. Tim Tebow is going to try out at Tight End for his old coach Urban Meyer and the Jags. Will it work? No, he sucks at everything. 4. Both Brett Favre and Terry Bradshaw have less than complimentary things to say about Aaron Rodgers and his desire to get out of Green Bay: "Too Sensitive" "Weak" "Melodramatic etc. Are they right? Favre has no right to talk and Bradshaw is an idiot. 5. Speaking of Rodgers, would he be worth making this trade for him, which I heard proposed: To Miami for their 2 first round picks in 2022, their two first round picks in 2023, and Tua. Not if I'm Miami. 6. The following, Page Spiranac is one of the top Golfers on the LPGA Tour. Are you terribly concerned about what he handicap may be? Yes, I would like to know her figures.
  11. Zombo

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    Marvin is a Defensive Tackle and Mack is a Linebacker that is pretty distinguishing Zombo
  12. You can take the Draft Pick out of Pittsburgh, but you can't take the Pittsburgh out of the Draft Pick. Z
  13. Zombo

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    OK, time to add the UDFAs and the new Bad-Boy DT. Not putting any of them on my final roster at this point, that is what camp is for, let's see who climbs and falls, but here it is for now: QB B.Mayfield, C. Keenum, K. Lauletta FB A. Janovich, J. Stanton RB N. Chubb, K. Hunt, D. Johnson, D. Felton, T. Harbison, J. Kelly WR1 O. Beckham, D. Peoples-Jones, A. Schwartz, J. Natson, D. Willies WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, K. Hodge, J. Bradley, R. Switzer, A.Hollins TE A. Hooper, D. Njoku, H. Bryant , S. Carlson , K. Markway, J. Franks LT J. Wills, J. Hudson A. Taylor, LG J. Bitonio , B. Hance, A. Fabiano, C. Gossett C J.Tretter , N. Harris, J. Patterson RG W. Teller , M. Dunn, D. Forbes, C. Iwuagwu RT J. Conklin, C. Hubbard , G. Senat DE M. Garrett, P. Gustin, C. Malveaux, R. McNight DT A. Billings, J. Elliott, M. Wilson, D. Square DT M. Jackson, T. Togiai, M. McDowell, S. Day DE J. Clowney, T. McKinley, J. Jackson , C. Weaver ILB A. Walker, J. O-K, T. Fields, M. Wilson OLB M. Smith, J. Phillips, S. Takitaki E. Lee, T. Young, G. Obinna, CB D. Ward, A.J. Green, R. Jackson CB G. Newsome, G. Williams, K. Thomas, B. Allen NB T. Hill, MJ Stewart, E. Rugamba FS R. Harrison, G Delpit, R. LeCounte,J. Moffat, SS J. Johnson, S. Redwine, M. Meander, E. Benton K C. Parkey, M. McCrane P J. Gillan´╗┐ LS C. Hughlett´╗┐ KR (J. Natson)(D. Johnson) (D. Felton) PR (J. Natson)(D. Peoples-Jones) (D. Felton) Just my opinion of the 55 (in bold) that would make up our roster as of today and who I see starting after camp ... Zombo
  14. Zombo

    Draft Grades

    Leave it to Mel to bring our grade down ... Z
  15. Zombo

    Browns Board Free For All Mock Draft

    Last pick of the third round ... Not your best work, Gip. Zombo