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  1. Dutch Oven

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    That is EXACTLY the team I was thinking about.
  2. Dutch Oven

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    They've replaced the rebranding with a real snazzy rebate program for Crew fans....
  3. Dutch Oven

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    This style of offense really pares well with an offense that can put points on the board, and jump out to leads. You do that, you make the opposing offenses one-dimensional, and they'll play into the Browns strengths. But if the offense isn't playing with leads on the regular, teams are going to try and pound the ball down the Browns throats.
  4. The pepperoni (and hot cherry peppers) was under the provolone.... 😁
  5. Here's a pic of homemade pizza I made somewhat recently. This pic is far more interesting than this thread is.
  6. Dutch Oven

    Schedule Release

    That didn't work out so well for the Browns vs Ravens last year, though.
  7. Dutch Oven

    Schedule Release

    The Chiefs open the season at home vs the Browns, then go east to play the Ravens. That's a rough way to start the season.
  8. Dutch Oven

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    Every time I peruse this thread, the new logo somehow gets shittier. Enjoy that new soccer stadium plastered with that horrible logo, Columbus.
  9. Dutch Oven

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    Yep, the Haslams officially need to stop meddling with uniforms. That new Crew logo is garbage.
  10. Cal still trying to tell people his his weird obsession with hating Rosen wasn't political is still hilarious, three years later. And shoehorning Josh Rosen into this conversation shows how absolutely infrequent he's ever right about anything. He probably stops random strangers on the street and tells them how he wanted Allen over Rosen in the 2018 Draft. It's his one shining moment, I suppose?
  11. Josh Allen being a decent NFL QB is literally about the only thing this dipshit has ever been right about on this board. I guess we are destined to hear about it until cal ends up in a nursing home getting his diapers changed by some 19 year old girl making $10 a hour.
  12. Dutch Oven

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    Cal calls JOK a linebacker but can't understand why his size is considered a possible weakness, and his reponse is comparing him to a player who was a safety. Quality stuff here.
  13. Dutch Oven

    Rounds 2 & 3

    Here you go....