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  1. Canton Mike

    Nick Chubb 3yrs 36M extension

    Yep! So is mine!! Mike
  2. Canton Mike

    Nick Chubb 3yrs 36M extension

    Gumby, ME TOO! Gonna order my Chubb Anniversary Jersey!!! YAHOO!!! Mike
  3. You mentioned smashburgers. They have become my favorite, done on my cast iron griddle on the gas grill. Butter & toast buns (on griddle while heating to 400 degrees) Secrets are twofold...."meatballs 80-20" kept cold, then SMASHED thin (with my "Sasquash" from Amazon & parchment paper to prevent sticking) soon as placed on the 400 degree surface & then seasoned. Instant sear=flavor, then about 2 minutes cooking, flip, 1 minute more cooking, add cheese, close grill shortly to let cheese melt & serve. Because they're thin, all mine are served as doubles. Seasoning I use is 7-2-2......7 T Diamond Crystal kosher salt (any other brand, cut to 4 T), 2 T GRANULATED garlic, & 2 Tfresh ground black pepper. This seasoning is also great for steaks & pork chops/cutlets. Mike
  4. Canton Mike

    No more Indians

    ps: You forgot the New York Yankees. Mike
  5. Canton Mike

    No more Indians

    Agreed. Move 'em larry boy...who gives a damn? What effin' city will pay for THAT name? Mike
  6. Canton Mike

    Baker's frilly shirt

    ATTA BOY Z!!! I oughta send Baker my Lava Lava!! LOL Mike
  7. Canton Mike

    Anthony Swartz could win the kick returner job

    The fact Landry was working with the kid tells me he (Landry) likes the kid's attitude/potential & I don't see Landry endorsing him for nothing.We, as Fans, need patience. Mike
  8. Canton Mike

    Browns getting serious love on NFL.com

    I don't "predict" & I NEVER buy into media hype. Haven't read a newspaper since 1968, with good reason. Mike
  9. Canton Mike

    NFL ...the dark side

    This REALLY echoes my feelings! Every time the Haslams erred, they took it on the chin, swallowed their pride, headed in a different direction, & eventually struck gold. DePo is an important piece of that gold. We'll see what happens as we move thru the years of retaining the talent we have amassed, but this Franchise is quickly establishing itself among the better ones in the NFL. Mike Joe Thomas' Aunt Mary...what a neat lady she is!
  10. Canton Mike

    2021 Browns OTA's/rolls into Mandatory Camp

    Hey Gumby, Head over to The Black Pelican & have the blackened Tuna with Salsa.....I swear that I could eat that every day!!! Sadly, we can't make it down there this year, but NEXT year hopefully... Mike
  11. Canton Mike

    NFL ...the dark side

    AMEN to the boldfaced sentences! Mike
  12. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Sent mine via PayPal...no problem. Mike
  13. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Me too!
  14. Canton Mike

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Gipper will be missed for sure. RIP Gip. Mike
  15. ..And with the cheese nicely browned?...Oh YEAH!!! Mike