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  1. hammertime

    Completely unfounded speculation

    Gonna need at least 82 million votes.... smh. If we couldn’t win this election, the only way you win 2024 is if the R is a crook...
  2. hammertime

    Where's the masks demented Joe (odd picture)

    81 million? not
  3. J is just exposing the obvious. Things are not normal by a long shot. Think of a bad movie. People need to see the destruction that is being done.
  4. What’s on her laptop? Her and Biden? Yuckkkkkko.
  5. Tex you shouldn’t have a weapon..... you’d never pass a competency test.
  6. Biden won nothing. we need close to 70% to wake up from this bad “movie” and see how screwed up things are.
  7. hammertime

    Biden at his best

    Mush brains.
  8. I don’t think he’s old enough.... bird boy.....
  9. hammertime

    Let the riots begin

    I think Hillgardly drinks baby’s blood. Shes an evil bitch.
  10. The only way you affect a fake like LBJ is thru his wallet
  11. hammertime

    More mask

    Whoever wants to wear a mask is fine. but don’t tell me its smart or needed. Bunch of played mf’ers.
  12. hammertime


    There has to be an end game? At what point are they destroyed by the good? Evil is running rampant, we must crush evil with unity