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  1. sisky fringo

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    K2's license plate reads "6ULDV8"
  2. sisky fringo

    OTA's = Joke

    practicing in shorts is good for muscle memory and mental reps, but it won't tell you if what you are planning on paper will work in 2018...in addition to injuries and general wear and tear. actual game experience is what the team needs. OTA's are a joke. teams grow the most on Sundays. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouf" - Mike Tyson
  3. sisky fringo

    Barkley at #1 Overall

    And Adrian "All Day" Peterson had health concerns stemming from that recent collarbone injury...and I still say no. Chubb is the right pick at #4.. AD has no rings. But LT does. Lawrence, not LaDanian. #1 Allen #4 Chubb/Mayfield/Darnold #33 don't care, surprise me. (yes, If Chubb is gone I'd rather have 2 rookie QBs that don't play than draft Saquon "The Luxury We Can't Afford" Barkley).
  4. sisky fringo

    Barkley at #1 Overall

    he was all in on Honey Badger. Even a blind squirrel finds an occasional nut as they say. Post 2,222 #2 represents relationship balance. My team is on the rise like a phoenix...
  5. sisky fringo

    The "Eyes" Have It...

    They should, both being pure bloodline Ashkenazi Athiest Crypto Khazarians and all... My Jewdar on Rogers spiked an easy 5 years before Olivia Munn demanded he go public and pander about his Aunt and his long lost ethnicity. It was...whatever. Smart guys, both of em. But Rosen isn't Rogers. His vessell is about as sturdy as Bridgewater's...and this is the AFCN. What did Big Ben's eyes look like in college? Give me a smart tough kid with Big Ben's durability, arm, and size who loves football. Then find another one and grab them too. :-) I'm all in on Tyrod, Chubb is bpa.
  6. sisky fringo

    Biggest Areas of Concern

    Gilbert was a cornerback who loved men's balls not footballs. Peppers literally played like 15 or 16 positions at Michigan and is a legit tough football player who loves the game. Nothing similar about the two at all, thankfully.
  7. sisky fringo

    Biggest Areas of Concern

    I'm concerned that Danny Shelton won't fit our scheme and about injuries. The rest I'm good with.
  8. sisky fringo

    Garrett suffers injury according to mary Kay

    Mary Kay Dogface loves drama. Knee jerk reaction vs. actually knowing something.
  9. sisky fringo

    Kizer taking SOME 1st team reps

    Cody is facing the starting D who's not wearing pads. I'm not concerned about the batted balls or him finding his throwing lanes right now. It's early and they are motley crews. Some vocal Trubisky loyalists around eh? That poor kid's life is gonna be a nightmare in Chicago. He wasn't our answer, clearly. I'm sure you'll all come around at some point.
  10. sisky fringo

    Kizer taking SOME 1st team reps

    Kizer's throwing motion is looking great in the clips on the Browns site. For what that's worth. Just looks noticeably improved. Smoother. Faster. Spiral is tighter. I've been following the top 4 really closely for about a year now and I liked them all at one point or another. I was a Trubisky guy until it was pointed out he locks his front leg when he throws. I'm all in on Kizer. I'd like to see DeShonne run the scout team this year and become familiar with running other offenses during practice, coming along slowly. There are a ton of details to absorb, I see no point in rushing him. I do like Cody and like his offseason initiative but I'd rather have Brock test out our revamped o-line while Cody is the insurance and Kizer grooms.
  11. sisky fringo

    Watson, Kizer, Trubisky, Mahomes

    Trubisky locks his front leg out when he throws. defenders will target it. He's a good kid personally but It's likely the Browns weren't high on him and that's probably the biggest reason why. That's one of the hardest habits to correct regarding throwing. The Browns front office absolutely fleeced the Bears and kept they rest of the NFL guessing for 1 1/2 rounds. I heard Kizer visited with the Browns 6 or 7 times pre draft. He throws a real nice catchable ball. It was on display in the short video the team put out yesterday on that pass to Britt (18), ball flew off his hand. His throwing motion was slower a month ago. Now his arm is a blurr. Browns are in great shape at QB compared to last year. Ghoolie, if you are such a racist why even watch NFL? Plenty of hockey fan message boards out there. Or perhaps figure skating is more up your "skin pigmentation" alley. Greg Williams "Gorillas" are going to make your Steelers wish Depodesta was still in baseball. What's your over/under for the Browns this year? If it's two games I'll put $1000 on the over. Easy Money, Rodney.
  12. sisky fringo

    Camp News

    Scoob may play harder for them than he would have for us so wise to temper all comparisons. Had Greg Williams been the DC last year perhaps Scooby wouldn't have been put on practice squad at all. Combined with Peppers on coverage and blocking...damn.
  13. sisky fringo

    Watson, Kizer, Trubisky, Mahomes

    This is one of the most interesting QB draft classes I've ever seen. Each has very specific + and - to their game. We have the "Michael Jordan of QBs", the big-body canon-armed yet intelligent and eloquent current Cleveland Brown, another an intriguing hometown homer who is light on film, and lastly Mahomes who has probably the most mystery and most natural throwing talent of all of them. I feel decent about Kizer, but I definitely look forward to casually following all of their careers.
  14. sisky fringo

    Discipline - the lack thereof

    penalties aside, Pasztor had a tall order and Cody actually stayed alive. i didn't envy either of them. playing across from Joe Thomas must feel like the wildebeast with the hurt leg when the herd is surrounded by wolves. plenty more coaching moments to cover. one lesson at a time this team is learning together what not to do.