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  1. spitting in America's face to the detriment of the rest of the world. Which, they helped china lie, lied for china, and covered up the truth about covid...also to the detriment of the rest of the world. read on - dangerous times. the UN/WHO - corrupt. https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/world-health-org-to-distribute-chinese-vaccines-over-u-s-objections/ World Health Org To Distribute Chinese Vaccines Over U.S. Objections Vaccine distribution network COVAX buys Chinese doses amid questions about efficacy
  2. been coming for decades - the "weeding out" of conservatives in the teaching field. Happened in the early 70's to some kids I wen t to school with - then it happened to me. I've told that story before. I knew some great people who left the education major because of it. Long time been going on, little by little - now we see how radical and owned the teacher unions are. https://freebeacon.com/coronavirus/top-teachers-unions-refuse-vaccination-requirement/ Top Teachers’ Unions Refuse Vaccination Requirement American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten previously backed mandates
  3. believe it. crime pays when your president is a corrupt, mentally gone cowardly lion weasel combeitch. https://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-attempted-to-abduct-at-least-3-american-journalists-in-2019-and-2020/ Iran Attempted To Abduct at Least 3 American Journalists in 2019 and 2020 Iran watchers say Biden admin downplays threats as it negotiates nuclear deal
  4. ...so far. nobody on the left will give a damn. https://freebeacon.com/national-security/the-taliban-kidnapped-a-navy-vet-in-afghanistan-the-biden-administration-risks-leaving-him-behind/ National Security The Taliban Kidnapped a Navy Vet in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration Risks Leaving Him Behind. Mark Frerichs held hostage in Afghanistan as U.S. military completes withdrawal
  5. calfoxwc

    Time to Let It Go

    yeah, pretty telling - election are ONLY "stolen" when they don't win. https://freebeacon.com/elections/terry-mcauliffe-championed-stolen-election-conspiracy-theory-for-years/ Terry McAuliffe Championed Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory for Years Flashback: 'They stole the last presidential election'
  6. calfoxwc

    Time to Let It Go

    and, NO, Steve - it is NOT time to let it go. There is no "changing presidents" about it. It's about voter fraud, ballot harvesting (an epidemic in big ...demoquack cities), illegals voting.... (which is the only reason the left wants open borders).... and the left demands voter fraud. OF course they love democrat city ballot harvesting. They win with it. It is about NOT LETTING IT HAPPEN AGAIN. The lefties love voter fraud - it's what they are doing. But they hate Pres Trump for telling the truth. But their higgardly wicked witch of the east - she yells "stolen" when it was NOT, that is ignored by the left. they won't comment on higgardly, and stacy abrams - they won't criticize her saying it at all. Gosh, I though claiming that was a "danger to democray". no, they claim "danger to democracy" when they don't get their childish way. Seems cowardly and dishonest to me. Abrams: Election 'Stolen From the People of Georgia' https://freebeacon.com/politics/abrams-the-election-was-stolen-from-the-people-of-georgia/ David Rutz • August 12, 2019 11:00 am. SHARE. Democrat Stacey Abrams repeated her claim that her 2018 governor's race was "stolen from the people of Georgia" in an MSNBC special on voting that ...
  7. is there ANYBODY in leftwing government land that is NOT a chronic liar/alternate reality hack?
  8. calfoxwc

    Time to Let It Go

    The reality is, they call Pres Trump a liar, when Pres Trump KEPT HIS PROMISES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and DID OVER 200 GOOD/GREAT THINGS FOR AMERICA while the totally corrupt biden family lies and lies and lies and lies. TDS BS nails it. They ignore the truth. To them, the truth often makes them afraid to admit their emotions are not a "god". So, they fight against the truth. Joe Biden is a Liar and Why That Matters | by Nathaniel ... https://sampurban.medium.com/joe-biden-is-a-liar-and-why-that-matters-9c6e4bb2e643 Kasie Hunt, who works for MSNBC and NBC, recently praised Joe Biden for not lying because he refused to answer a difficult question about him speaking to Mitch McConnell. The claim that Joe Biden does not lie requires greater exploration. The historic lies of Joe Biden are plenty. President-Elect Biden claimed that he graduated in the top half ... Gutfeld: Biden is a 'pathological shameless liar' https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/tunedin/gutfeld-biden-is-a-pathological-shameless-liar/vi-AAM7oLV Gutfeld: Biden is a 'pathological shameless liar' Duration: 09:16 7/13/2021. SHARE. SHARE. TWEET. SHARE. EMAIL 'The Five' reacts to Biden's latest comments on election laws and Texas Democrats fleeing Mark Alexander: Biden Lied on the Grave of His Dead Son ... https://patriotpost.us/alexander/74868-biden-lied-on-the-grave-of-his-dead-son-2020-11-12 Joe Biden is a pathological liar — a serial liar. As is the case with such pathology, he now has a difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction. He has been fabricating his own " life story " for decades, including the fairytale lie about his own marriage.
  9. calfoxwc

    Time to Let It Go

    reality = kool aid. "green is orange" "apples = pears" gender = "how you FEEL" until they can actually get the power they crave. the left tries to badger folks with nonsense just to gage how much power they can muster.
  10. CODE RED: Delta V is Flooding The Southern Border and Biden Is Leaving the Spigot Open *************************************************** yet the anti-America Pres Trump fake hate trollers didn't care to advocate vaccinations while Pres Trump was in our WH and doing over 200 good/great things for America.....
  11. Time for those who are thriving on the anti-Trump side to grow up and admit it - the dangerous political scandal on our border is becoming a disaster. https://redstate.com/katepauldillon/2021/07/30/cdc-scrambles-to-find-delta-data-and-gets-egg-on-their-face-n418936 CODE RED: Delta V is Flooding The Southern Border and Biden Is Leaving the Spigot Open
  12. Time to stop trusting the cdc. It's a deep state/dem political weapon, like most of the other depts of our gov are. an excellent read about covid/delta. A simple lie that emotionally and politically manipulates requires a complicated truth to nullify it. Not easy to do with low information, self-serving emotion worshippers all over. https://redstate.com/katepauldillon/2021/07/30/cdc-scrambles-to-find-delta-data-and-gets-egg-on-their-face-n418936
  13. Creating dangerous crime/disease/many other problems with destitute illegals. to red swing states. that way, they can manipulate, they hope. the populace to vote democratic and turn them socialist blue. BUSTED: Biden Admin Caught Secretly Flying Illegal Migrant ... https://trendingpolitics.com/busted-biden-admin-caught-secretly-flying-illegal-migrant-children-into-key-red-state/ BUSTED: Biden Admin Caught Secretly Flying Illegal Migrant Children Into Key Red State. Plugged-in politicos and concerned Americans know that Joe Biden has, in just a few short months, created a nightmarish chaotic situation along the U.S.-Mexico border after his reversal of former President Donald Trump's enforcement-heavy policies.
  14. dangerous times. concealed carry is the way to have a chance to survive meeting up with some of these destitute, violent criminals coming across our border and being SHIPPED all over the country. Does any lib really support this> ??? Speak up. Let's see how you can possibly justify your silence so far.
  15. Speaking of political - Florida? with so many retirees? come on. Again - look at the low vaccination rate in the inner cities. as in, democrat cities. The corrupt left (oxymoron?) is full of dishonest slurs, lies and manipulative false narratives. As in, THEY are the conspiracy theorists - them claiming that conservatives are the same - is just cover for what they do. Like communist china "for the people": - including the many millions they murdered to have permanent power? Anybody think that " Democratic People's Republic of Korea " (North Korea) is run by "the people" ? if you do, something is really wrong. For example - the left's narrative is right out of the kgb dirty trick book - just get a fake "expert" to come out and lie and try to ruin somebody's character/career/life - based on political antagonism. Oh, but you can make plenty of money doing it, and you can be ...possibly successful achieving your hateful political agenda. https://humanevents.com/2021/02/02/the-florida-covid-19-whistleblower-saga-is-a-big-lie/ The “Florida COVID-19 Whistleblower” Saga Is a Big Lie. Rebekah Jones, The Narrative, and the truth. Sadly, a simple belligerent/dangerous/dishonest LIE is far simpler than a complicated, honest, detailed truth. It's emotional, belligerent emotional manipulation. and of course, any leftwing desire for complete power - gets the treatment at every turn. But to manufacture false wintesses - it's devastating - but that is why they do it. It isn't going to end soon, and...if it does end, it won't be pretty.