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  1. Do you really want to be inundated with "whilsts" and "zed avoidance"?
  2. You say that as if it is unusual... tia dealt with the rest.
  3. Well.... that explains it! All them damn trees on the field...
  4. Tour2ma

    Rounds 2 & 3

    Someone want to tell Gip that by the time we broke Camp in 2018 Corbett was an OG. Backed up Bito... ... and when we went to Camp in 2019 Corbett was projected to be our starting RG.
  5. Tour2ma

    The Off-season, Players in Trouble Thread

    Players work out all off-season on their own. As for the NFLPA-backed, OTA boycott... Here, LimpGip... do some "research".
  6. Tour2ma

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    Good read...
  7. Thanks, gum... Now would you cut it down for me?
  8. I see Gipper is passing off my posts as his "research" again... That is his career catch total at Auburn... ... but, yes, his 54 catches in 2020 did lead the team. Personally I'm not a fan of smallish WRs and CBs returning kicks... too slight... too fumble prone. I prefer RBs pull that duty. But at least Fenton returned kicks at S. Carolina. Punts? Entirely different matter... that I can see Schwartz doing.
  9. Link? I don't see the full game anywhere...
  10. Cap aside... I'd make the OP's move in a heartbeat. Love Baker, but if you want to have a realistic shot at winning it all now, then you want one of the 3 best QBs in the game today under Center. Of course... the cap says, "Nope... ain't gonna happen." Plus Rogers prolly says, "Nope," as well... The "North Coast" ain't the West Coast... or at least near it.
  11. There are a handful "highlight" vids of the game...
  12. Tour2ma

    Browns Sign Another DT Vet

    You keep saying that, but I can't find any reports that Richardson has visited any other teams.