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  1. Carolina's Thirsty Thursday (laughing stock.. increased volume? ?) Gas Pumping update ⛽.. Fuel time.. Had a shelf time of all of... 8am to 11am Thursday .. We were treated with only 3.75/gal. Premium pumps.. This is the definition, "of things should get better by Wednesday"/State officials.. I was the first truck in line to fill my truck to get me (the hell : ) to Raleigh airport Friday 3am.. Hopping a flight to Detroit, than hometown Toledo...Yes!.. Detroit & Toledo can be better ! 🤓
  2. we've found you a new home.. You've been traded to become a Green Bay fan 🐢 Enjoy !
  3. gumby73

    Schedule Release

    Browns potential* Pre-Season schedule--- WEEK 1 · TBD AT Jacksonville Jaguars NEWS 5 ESPN 850 • 92.3 THE FAN • 98.5 WNCX TIAA BANK FIELD Buy Tickets VIVID SEATS FAN PACKAGES WEEK 2 · TBD New York Giants NEWS 5 ESPN 850 • 92.3 THE FAN • 98.5 WNCX FIRSTENERGY STADIUM Buy Tickets VIVID SEATS FAN PACKAGES WEEK 3 · Sun 08/29 · 8:00 PM EDT AT Atlanta Falcons NBC ESPN 850 • 92.3 THE FAN • 98.5 WNCX MERCEDES BENZ STADIUM Buy Tickets Here's your *tentative* 😷, football junkie... Pre-season Schedule's elsewhere.. https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-preseason-schedule-includes-five-national-tv-games
  4. Carolina's has been a straight up joke since Monday morning.. Most pumps ran dry 2 pm Monday. Nobody had gas Tuesday.. as of Wednesday.. Fuel trucks were released from pipeline depot in Selma, NC & followed to Fueling Stations ..Fueling Stations, put a 20 dollar max limit on fills & Gas lasted from 8AM- 1pm before pumps ran dry again 🤬 Wednesday I had plans to drive to Findlay. Ohio Saturday for a wedding...as of Tuesday evening?.. that plan, changed to a flight to Detroit..sister's Toledo car, to get me to Findlay.. NC Governor Roy Cooper owes me a flight ticket....I'll wait 🤓
  5. gumby73

    Schedule Release

    don't like the Ravens sitting on 5 straight home games to close out the season 🤷‍♂️... Ravens got a good home schedule compared to where 'we play them'...Both Browns & Steelers have a short week going into season ending AFCN finale too.. long road to haul, from those AFCN Bye weeks... rant over... Our Cleveland Browns will win this Division... won week at a time... Go Browns!!
  6. gumby73

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    Monday News.. The Browns have added a 3rd placekicker into the mix... https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2021/05/browns-awarded-kicker-chase-mclaughlin-via-waivers-from-jets-to-help-and-press-cody-parkey-in-camp.html
  7. gumby73

    Ruin a Band name by changing one letter

    sticks...🤭 🤫
  8. gumby73

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    I call it, as I see it... 'born in gifted'... Kamara/Sayers/Sanders have that glide gear that I'm seeing in Felton's highlights too.. these catz have zero fear of high speed collisions Kill little old me... 🤓 too..
  9. gumby73

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    if ya Start me up..then I'll never stop 🤓... If a Gm's goal is to hit on half of his 7 NFL draftees? Newsome/JOK/Schwartz/Togiai & Felton give Berry a fairly solid chance.. raw as hell route tree? He's got some 'coach him up tools' in his toolbox already...
  10. gumby73

    Where do we open 2021 season

    I spent my entire Friday morning off day... watching every u-tube clip on RB/WR UCLA Demteric Felton 🔥.. I found it a excellent choice.. Had instant flashbacks of De'Ernest Johnson tearing it up in Dallas... I'm not so sure who's going to win this such camp battle? But.. it damn sure has got me excited for some Browns 2021 🏈 season... I got to get off my as$.. a mile long, to due is list is way Friday behind.. See Ya ! 🤓 all
  11. gumby73

    Where do we open 2021 season

    Does Cleveland in the frozen tundra of Green Bay sound like a better Thanksgiving Day game than any Detroit or Dallas game should give the football nation?
  12. gumby73

    "Most improved secondary" ! BROWNS

    I'd still add a savvy Vet" to the DB group, not named Sherman 🤩.. leaning more towards the group of 29 year old's, mold types of Bashaud Breeland or maybe even Tre Boston? 🤔..both still can be had.. Younger Gareon Conley & Malik Hooker are still out there too.. It's just that a poor Injury history background is not something these Browns should be considering...But they HAVE! 🙃 stay tuned...It's going to be the longest of off season's before a single sole gets cut... Not to mention the numerous Crazy rumors of _____ ________ ? wants out/more money/fire this guy. yada/yada/yada...
  13. gumby73

    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    The one* most underrated song from Journey's 1st LP-Evolution? 🤔