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  1. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    I don't necessarily believe in the whole "X person doesn't have IT". (Notable exceptions: Weeden was obvious, Manziel was a trainwreck waiting to happen, Kizer was a big kid not ready to play chess) I mean, I believe you can evaluate someone's highs, lows, in/consistencies, and presentable strengths along with their weaknesses. I said after the NU game that Fields would fall regardless of what happened against Clemson. Clemson was a team running on fumes at linebacker and secondary, their breeze through the ACC then the brick wall against Burrow and Co. all but proved that. So Fields feasting on that secondary, while fucking awesome, was always much more of a possibility than a more disciplined defense such as Northwestern (crazy to say) In watching Kollmann's video, I noticed he left out that NU game, and he left out the Clemson game from 2019 where he struggled pretty bad. The Buckeye offense ran largely through Dobbins in 2019 and when Fields was forced to carry the load, he faltered at times. The pick to Isiah Simmons was... just awful. That first year, even into bowl season with the entire regular season under his belt, wasn't that much an improvement as a passer. The running game and elite pass pro carried the team. You'll notice that Fields was accredited with, I want to say, 13 sacks on that year? Pretty damn high number. That is indicative of a few things, none of them good. I will say this, the NU could be called a bit "fluky", a thumb injury, starting receiver out... I get it. Then he torched Clemson and didn't make similar mistakes to which he did the year previous. But there was another little glaring problem - being better against an even trashier secondary isn't THAT great as a feat. And the Buckeye offense was incredibly spotty at times in 2020. I see the good, I really do. He has the physical traits to be a good QB and I don't question his work ethic such as Dan Orlovsky does. That is cliche' bullshit. But some of the mental pre-snap, along with playing under duress while having the footwork necessary to change launch points within the pocket or to safely and consistently create space and the time to hit said window are my questions... Clearly several GM's felt the same way I did after that NU game, you can go back through and view early days of my conversation with Gipper. Fields was being touted as the guaranteed #2 QB until the B1G title game. Then he took a tumble. I wasn't the only one to see these things and have question. Justin also has the misfortunate of ending up in Chicago vs a place like San Fran. So instead of ending up with a better offensive mind, a better Oline, a better running game and receivers - he has to make due with Matt Nagy, a so-so line, a spotty running game and decent receivers. Sure the running game can benefit from Justin's legs, but any little mishap can be a season ending injury. He just didn't end up in a good situation and it's beyond rare that a rookie just fixes a teams problems.
  2. tiamat63

    Nick Chubb 3yrs 36M extension

    3 years, 30 mil guaranteed - averages 12 mil a year (McCaffrey money) He'll only be 28 when this term is up and allows the team to re-evaluate his ability at that point. I see no losers here.
  3. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Watching his segment on Justin Fields. Like several segments with his evaluation of collegiate players, I find myself disagreeing. And being that this has been my QB, a guy I've watched every game of his for 2 years... I think I have a leg to stand on.
  4. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Considering he was 182lbs at combine and rookie year, his body has reach maturity. Those 8lbs naturally come with filling out and training.
  5. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Search for it if you like - but that 2016 season when Hue tried to put RG3 at the helm. Nathan Zagura and the sunshine pumpers that were "camp reports" were saying he looked fantastic. Lying through their teeth or had no idea what they were watching. Pryor bailed out throw after throw with his wingspan. So I trust camp reports about as much as I trust my ex-fiance. And that bitch is loooooong gone.
  6. tiamat63

    Mental health...the new excuse..

    I was offered a shot at going, but I have a charity golf outing this weekend plus I'm smack in the middle of a 8 week no booze, artificial sugar, added sugar... you get the point. Hit me up if you pick up Madden this season. edit: Re: the bold. Maybe that's why I'm so agitated?
  7. tiamat63

    Najee Harris Fan: Not a good start!...

    You consider yourself intelligent, but this is literally at the top of the tweet. Like I said, might as well just end it early and save some poor woman the headache.
  8. tiamat63

    Najee Harris Fan: Not a good start!...

    This thread is the prime example of how to tell me you're Retarded, but without actually telling me that you're Retarded.
  9. tiamat63

    Mental health...the new excuse..

    What a bunch of bitch ass, effeminate males this board is. You don't give a damn about the Olympics because of the recent politics of it, you actively celebrate failure and now when someone, who has historic success bows out - you complain even further. Honestly, you guys don't seemingly have much else to live for based on the time you spend here, accomplishing and celebrating absolutely nothing. While posting almost the exact same things word for word, hundreds of times with no responses bulk of those times. I'd offer you guys dinner, drinks and conversation if I didnt find you beyond annoying. My humble advice to help stay your misery - If you get the opportunity, just kill yourself. And Woody, you're not that much less sad. DH does have one good point - why does someone in their late 20's even bother with these clowns?! It's more of a reflection upon you than it is them. It's summer, homie. Get the fuck out and do something. Hit the gym, the golf course... anything.
  10. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Still haven't seen any tickets in my inbox for camp. If anyone finds they have spares for a weekday, let your boy know.
  11. tiamat63

    Camp Battles / Browns Training Camp 2021

    Didn't realize this conversation was still a thing. But this line can't be understated enough. Nickers could die tomorrow, even In front of me, and I likely wouldn't so much as lose an ounce of sleep. Not even in the manner which one human being is supposed to care about another based out of a simple attachment to the species. I know many people such as him, and I have a.... distaste for their existence. Call it a high functioning sociopathic trait, if you like. "Rent free" indeed...
  12. Meh, you're pretty tolerable from my experience. 😘 edit: Shocked to not see Cal or a few of the other select trolls that have about as exciting a life as a piece of cardboard.
  13. Yep, the "who's who" of about those I expected in this thread are just about all here. Predictably, of course.