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  1. Ibleedbrown

    Recent viewing

    I finished Shadows and Bone season 1. It was pretty meh for me. Also just finished part 1 of the first season of The Nevers. It got good. I’m into it. Episode 6 takes a wild turn. You’ll think there was a programming mistake and you’re watching a totally different show at the start. I’ll eat my words about Joss Whedon being predictable, though l’m sure the writers had more to do with that.
  2. Ibleedbrown

    2021 Browns Depth Chart

    Perhaps his next team will capitalize on the Irish Karate Kid jokes.
  3. Ibleedbrown

    Tawny Kitaen wow

    For the longest time l thought the line was “like a drifter l was born to wear cologne,” which made perfect sense because drifters likely have intermittent access to things like showers and soap.
  4. Ibleedbrown

    Recent viewing

    I’ve watched a few episodes of the Nevers. Good concept for a show, and it’s got a couple things going for it that l generally dig (sci-fi/super power stuff and a period show set in 1800 something England), but it’s not really grabbing me yet. I think part of it is Joss Whedon’s stuff is pretty predictable. Also, with a mostly English/Irish cast l have a tough time easily following the dialogue sometimes. Accents are cool and all, but l find l have to pay attention a little harder to follow along and l’m not always wanting to do that with lazy tv watching. I have a similar issue with Shadow and Bone which l recently tried to watch.
  5. Ibleedbrown

    Browns Sign Another DT Vet

  6. Now that’s dedication to not ending a sentence with a preposition.
  7. I’m generally an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” guy. Rodgers the last few years really comes off as having a sense of entitlement, maybe rightfully so, but l’d be mighty concerned about injecting all that entitlement into my favorite team.
  8. Ibleedbrown


    And he’s my new favorite UDFA! Gotta root for the Miami guy. His highlight reel is underwhelming as well with an awful lot of plays showing how good he is in run support. But we need that right? Corners who can cover receivers are fine and all, but we need corners who can stuff the run too. Tough, smart and accountable. I’m rooting for you Manny!
  9. Ibleedbrown

    The Draft: Round One

    Probably, but his version of a happy dance was an awkward delight to see.
  10. Ibleedbrown

    A nick-name for a powerful defense

    The Brown Eye Cuz you can’t go through the Brown Eye without going through some shit.
  11. Ibleedbrown

    First, Second or Third round DTs?

    If Berry likes him, it would be his prerogative.
  12. Ibleedbrown

    First, Second or Third round DTs?

    McNeil and McObey!
  13. Ibleedbrown

    DA Spider

  14. Ibleedbrown

    Oscar 2021

    It was definitely a deep film that artfully portrayed certain juxtapositions about aging, the concept of a home and how memories are kept in an environment where people are forced to adapt to wholesale changes on what’s important. There were at least 2 scenes where the main character was around people explaining the significance of their tattoos which contrasts to a couple scenes of her looking at old photographs. Old way vs new way of keeping memories. And the roads she would travel. I know there were scenes of Rt 66, Hwy 1, and Wall Drug as well as modern freeways. Another contrast to old and new. And her cyclical way of life where she starts the year as a seasonal employee at Amazon and then basically drives in a big circle throughout the year based on work or social functions, which contrasts to the traditional linear birth-work-retire-die concept of life.
  15. Ibleedbrown

    Oscar 2021

    The only one l’d seen from the OP was Judas and the Black Messiah. I generally like historically based period films, but l had a tough time staying engaged with that one. It was just ok for me. I just finished watching Nomadland. Kind of a slow moving where’s this going feel throughout much of it for me, but l was glad l watched it by the end. Thanks for the rec.