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  1. Maybe they should charge the lardasses by the pound! 😂😂😂
  2. Nope, only Black Lives Matter.
  3. Did Timothy stop using the “B” in the middle of his name? I can’t tell you why.
  4. Canton Dawg

    Someone on this board maybe?

    If it’s who I’m thinking of, if that doctor removes more than a half an inch….it could be considered a sex change operation.
  5. Canton Dawg

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    That’s called voting by policy, something I believe that has gone by the way of the pay phone.
  6. Canton Dawg

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    Now you know how I felt about the Mueller Report….good times!
  7. Canton Dawg

    Uh, no comment

  8. Canton Dawg

    More good news for Biden voters

    Or we could hire Robert Mueller and spend $35 million looking for Russian Collusion….but that’s already been done.
  9. Canton Dawg

    So get the shot

    Glad to see SNL still isn’t funny. I wonder when that show will finally get euthanized?
  10. Canton Dawg

    So get the shot

  11. Canton Dawg

    Elon Musk