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  1. BrownsfaninPa

    Mac Speedie- H.O.F. er

    With all the excitement about the draft, and being in Cleveland, im surprised that nobody has mentioned that another original Cleveland Browns player is now inducted into the H.O.F. Mac Speedie was inducted over the weekend during the draft. He played from 1946-52, and passed away in 1993. GO BROWNS !!
  2. BrownsfaninPa

    A scary defense

    Miles Garrett stated that our defense is going to be very scary, with the talent and force behind these players, look out , the Browns defense is on the prowl, so a little message to all teams who meet the Browns this season, Be afraid, be very afraid.
  3. BrownsfaninPa

    A nick-name for a powerful defense

    The Browns are coming up in the rankings as a dominate team. Major additions to our defense is a big deference. If our defense can become as dominate as the classic Steelers Steel Curtin, what would be a good name for our dominating defense? Maybe something like - The Browns Bolder Blockade ?
  4. BrownsfaninPa

    Head Coaching Longevity One team

    If this ownership can keep the same HC, and let him build a structure of smart coaches , and have the players be very capable of dominating the field, and he continues to win, then this Browns team can be back in the headlines as a threat to the teams in our division and across the league. That's how it should be and how it should remain. GO BROWNS !
  5. BrownsfaninPa

    Orange jersey of the past

    Back in 2002 the Browns wore a alternate orange jersey, only about 3 times. I liked the way that jersey looked. I would like to see the Browns bring back this 3rd jersey and wear it at maybe 2 or 3 home games.
  6. BrownsfaninPa

    Favorite divisonal rivalry

    If Paul Brown was alive today, how would he feel about the way the team he made famous , the Browns, and how the Bengals are being handled today? Would Paul give the Browns the 'middle finger, an say until you make it to a Super Bowl, I have no opinion on the Browns. The Bengals did go to 2 Super Bowls in the 1980's.
  7. BrownsfaninPa

    Favorite divisonal rivalry

    I would suspect that when it comes to rivalry games, we all would say the BROWNS-STEELERS games would top the list. But as much as these two teams battled each other since the 50's, I also like the Battle Of Ohio, Browns - Bengals rivalry.
  8. BrownsfaninPa

    Favorite divisonal rivalry

    I have no idea who will be scheduled for the Thanksgiving games, but seeing these teams play in prime time on Thanksgiving would be a show to see. I think it would be a much anticipated game to see, depending on how their records will be by Thanksgiving,
  9. This is a topic I just happen come across. But as a long time Browns fan, I like the history of this team, and its founding players. As of 2021, I know of only one Browns player to be still with us at 96yrs old. His name is Dub Jones. Played for the Browns from 1948-55. He also has a son who played in the NFL, he was Bert Jones, QB of the Baltimore Colts. Bert is 69yrs old.
  10. BrownsfaninPa

    Gerald Irons Dead at 73

    WOW, that's a shame, I have his football cards.
  11. BrownsfaninPa

    Can the Browns be the next AFC NORTH TITLE holder

    Here is a little trivia for all of you. From 1948 to 1955, this Cleveland Browns player is still alive today at 96 yrs old. Dub Jones. He has a son who also played in the NFL, That was Bert Jones, Baltimore Colts . Bert is now 69 yrs old. I'm not sure but I believe Dub may be the oldest living Browns player today.
  12. BrownsfaninPa

    Can the Browns be the next AFC NORTH TITLE holder

    Hi Gip, yes those were the days. I mailed 2 Jason Garrett cards to him when he was HC at the Cowboys, and he signed them for me. I have a collection of S.A. Riders cards along with all the other WLAF teams. Brown, gold and white look so good . Would love to find a RIDERS mini-helmet.
  13. BrownsfaninPa

    Can the Browns be the next AFC NORTH TITLE holder

    Who remembers the WLAF games in the early 90's. I was a fan of the San Antonio Riders. I chose that team only because of the team colors. When the WLAF was formed, and the teams were announced, the S.A. Riders team colors were Brown, Gold, & White, with a hint of orange. The team only lasted 2 seasons. But those team colors were my favorite. I though of a fanasty team using those colors and came up with a team name THE CRAWLERS. Helmet was gold with two brown stripes and a white stripe in the middle. The helmet logo was a spider web that stretched the entire side of the helmet. with a brown facemask. Home jerseys were brown with white numbers trimmed in orange, away jerseys were white with brown numbers trimmed in orange, Pants were gold with 2 brown stripes, and one white stripe. The brown jerseys had white and gold stripes on the sleeve, and the away jersey had brown and gold stripes on the sleeve.
  14. After so so many years of lousy seasons, never having any steady wins , our coaches come and go, players with high expectations end up being a flop. And now this team is making moves and winning games. Keep this team going in the same direction with dedicated players who want to be on a winning team , and not in it for themselves. Having the very positive season we had in 2020, and embarrassing the Steelers at their house in a playoff game says a lot. Bring back those glory days of Bernie Kosar, Kevin Mack, Ernest Byner etc. Today it's Baker Mayfield, Kareem Hunt, & Nick Chubbs, and of course the ever loving dawgpound.
  15. BrownsfaninPa

    Clay Matthew HOF Finalist!

    Well clay got passed over again. The only thing i disagree with the players that were selected was Calvin Williams and Alan Fanaca. Maybe next year.