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  1. stillmotion

    Here is where we are now.

    We need to target linebackers and safeties, and add more depth to the D-line and O-line.
  2. stillmotion

    **** Official Eagles at Browns Gameday Thread

    lol at the announcers, "I don't like to call pass interference when I see that, let the boys fight"
  3. stillmotion

    Baker Mayfield

    Well said, Z As far as people who were saying what I thought about Baker. I still think he's our guy. For those that haven't had rib injuries (I broke mine boxing last May) they hurt like an absolute bitch. It hurts to breathe.... What I don't get is how people are willing to bail on him after a few mediocre games. As long as we're winning, that's what I care about. When Aaron Rodgers or Big Ben have bad games (even when they're healthy), everyone moves on. Let Baker play. And lastly, it's important for Baker to play his game and find the open receivers. OBJ might've made him force the ball to him in the past. Now he's back to playing his game, and finding TE's and Higgins like he did in the past. I predict the Browns only getting better, but Gruden and the Raiders are no joke.
  4. stillmotion


    Sandy better step up. I just see him looked confused after he gets burned literally every game.
  5. stillmotion

    Browns -3 v LV

    Gruden is underrated. Dude is smart. Should be a close game but a good game. Donovan Peoples-Jones TD coming.
  6. stillmotion

    Baker Mayfield

    Our team literally is at pace to make the playoffs, and you guys are trying to write off Baker when his ribs are messed up, we're missing lineman, and he plays one off game against a 4-0 team.... Look at the entire season, not just one game. We have one of the most deadly rushing attacks, so his stats won't be 5 TDs 500 yards every week. Rodgers and other QB's have off games, and most of you are forgetting, it's only his third season. Peyton Manning and Brett Favre weren't the killing gunslingers until later on. Let the kid get his chance this year, I still believe in him.
  7. stillmotion

    We Should of kept Schobert

    Not having him is telling. We need more of a veteran presence on D. And about the others, it's one game, look at the overall picture. OBJ, Baker, all of them, let them have a chance to prove they can bounce back. And the whole kicker deal is ridiculous.
  8. stillmotion

    Browns players taking a knee

    I think it's important to recognize that certain people like to divide us as humans. We all love football, that's why we're here. It's an escape from all the bullshit that happens in life. All of the tragedy, sadness, and suffering in the world. We're all humans, no matter what backgrounds we come from, and we all breathe the same and bleed the same. Instead of focusing on what makes us different, we should focus on what brings us together.
  9. stillmotion

    Browns players taking a knee

    Baker is his own man. To me this isn't even news, it's something Mary Kay would shout out. Whether people are republican or democratic, we all like football. I could care less if players decide to kneel for the anthem or not. Now winning, that's something I consider important. And this is a new era, without Freddie Kitchens or the Famous Sandwich actor, Hue Jackson.
  10. stillmotion

    The Tiger King

    Watched it all yesterday. My old boss' office was next to big cat rescues office in Tampa when I worked there two years. Can confirm I saw Carol there once a week at least during that time and she was always friendly and said hi when I ran into her. Crazy to think such a crazy story was unfolding right next door to me.
  11. stillmotion

    What would you consider acceptable?

    We should realistically win at least 7 games. If we can't win more than five games, then Jimmy needs to figure out who reports to who and figure out the whole GM thing. Because his approach to the HC and GM reporting separately to him is toxic I believe, and it's never worked. I'm hoping Kevin is a great coach and we do well. Hopefully Baker got over his sophomore slump and he's ready to hit now.
  12. stillmotion

    Happy birthday Z

    Happy birthday Zombo, cheers brotha!
  13. stillmotion

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    I wanted Nickel-robey-coleman and Pierre Desir
  14. stillmotion

    Browns to sign TE Austin Hooper

    We paid him way too much. Should of drafted a TE and signed Joe.