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  1. nickers

    Uh, no comment

    Peeyuck!!... What is this world going to????.. Is there a time machine to the 70's?... I want on that train....
  2. nickers

    Haslam and his "rebranding"

    As skeptical as I was.. The Analytics boys have done it , so far... Hats off!!... Now lets go get the damn ring!...
  3. nickers

    So get the shot

  4. nickers

    So long golden globes

    She has a face like an artichoke!
  5. nickers

    'The Rifleman kid' Johnny Crawford RIP.

    I watched Alzheimers drain the life away from my Grandmother and Father... It's heart wrenching.. Because you can't do a damn thing about it..
  6. nickers

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    My biggest fear with this kid is that on some plays he naturally leads with his helmet... But I've seen plays where he leads with his shoulder... My point being is.. If this kid is what I think he is.. They might create rules because of him... I'm just glad he's on our team...
  7. I don't question the physical side of him.. its the mental aspect that does not wow me much.. He choked like a bitch in the playoffs.. He reminds me of Donovan McNabb in that regard...
  8. nickers


    Maybe the kids are finally waking up...
  9. LOL... Yes... It's downright disgusting!
  10. nickers

    Bobby Bradley please

    I wish Dolan would sell or move the team... I'm sick of their woke bullshit...
  11. First off I don't think Josh Allen is all that... Secondly... Joe Flacco comes to mind when I think of "Mediocre"
  12. nickers

    Elon Musk

    Okaay!.. Let'em go!
  13. This is god awful.. I dare just one of you democrat liberals to defend this shit... put your money where your mouth is.. I bet NONE of you have the balls to step up to the plate and own it...
  14. nickers

    prescription prices up

    0!... But I expect that not to last for long.. However.. I have to pay 20% on all my dr visits and co pays.. I'm on full disability...