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  1. nickers

    Nick Chubb 3yrs 36M extension

    Very cool... Let's win some SB's
  2. nickers

    Najee Harris Fan: Not a good start!...

    Still.. regardless. numbfuck.. it's a sick stupid thing to say mr einstein... I mean.. You're such a fucking genius... You must love yourself so much you're mirror homo... Oh tell us what great accomplishments you have done for Mankind.. Please.. I really want to know this Mr.Genius... See.. Instead of telling someone in a nice way... You belittle people... And you talk about being intelligent?.. Puhleeze.. you're an asshole who obviously thinks he's better than everyone and can do no wrong... And that's a dangerous attitude to have...
  3. nickers

    Ron Popiel...dead..

    The Ronco stud thingy.. LOL
  4. nickers

    Najee Harris Fan: Not a good start!...

    This post tells everyone how obsessed you are with me... I OWN YOU !!! EDIT: You must be one miserable mother fucker... You are all about negativity...
  5. Unfriggin believable... What a disgusting pig... a real cootie!... Karma baby... Serve'em up!
  6. Go hug Fauci's nuts... You're great at it!
  7. The point is you are a gullible dumb fuck!
  8. nickers

    Medical students challenge male/female biology

    Sorry Millenials... You can't fool Mother Nature or Father Time... Get a job and go to work... Be somebody!...
  9. science isnt right all the time... They make tons of mistakes before actually getting something right.. Now read the next statement underneathe about the pores in your body... They shed viruses... The Mask won't save anyone ass hat...
  10. Well here's a sobering fact for all of you Mask pushers.. And this was told to me by a registered nurse... The pores in your body actually sheds viruses.... Next step will be shrink wrapping ourselves.. The Masks are a fucking joke LOL...
  11. Hammer I've been saying this since the begging... If you can still smell food, cologne, grass etc through a mask.. Its not working.. Hell A fart escapes Jeans that a person is wearing... These mask pushers are so full of shit.
  12. nickers

    Space Jam Mural defaced

    Perfect Mural for the perfect asshole... Fitting!
  13. nickers

    A sucker born every minute

    They can't be serious.... It's all about diaphram development... the rest is pure bunk...