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  1. You'll see whatever you want to, you're right on that one. I love the week 1 delusions, garbage team yet again. Why is it so hard for other fans to just call a turd a turd.
  2. BrownsBacker

    uni fags...what happened?

    Solid case there bro. Browns uniforms are great, not sure why this is even a thread.
  3. BrownsBacker

    Week 7 Game Impressions

    anyone have a link?
  4. BrownsBacker

    Browns Surprisingly Cut Ties With Db Patterson

    I heard an interview with Patterson last year, he couldn't have sounded any less interested in the city of Cleveland or the Browns for that matter.
  5. BrownsBacker

    Week 9 Game Impressions: Ravens Vs. Browns

    Fucking disgusting
  6. BrownsBacker

    The Browns Will Finish 9-7

    0-16 with spermer coaching
  7. BrownsBacker

    Greg Little Is Not Very Good At All

    No , my post ranting about Greg was made at 10:24 before the last second pass was made which you used to defend him. I don't care what time you posted your Greg Little dick sucking defense, which was obviously after the end of the game considering you referenced to final play. Think before you argue, yah?
  8. Surprised he wasn't dancing after blowing that touchdown, but then there he is sitting there laughing on the bench. Perma-bench this bum.
  9. BrownsBacker

    Home From Browns Game

  10. BrownsBacker

    Haslem Interview

  11. BrownsBacker

    Only The Browns Would Hire This Guy

    Brad Childress calls the plays
  12. BrownsBacker

    Much Improved

    Shurmur on the radio just now "Sheldon was fine, we played Buster. Thats what we did." What?
  13. BrownsBacker

    Do We Still Need Receiver Help?

    We would have to pay him veteran salary and he just doesn't have enough left in the tank to justify signing him in my opinion. We do still need help at WR though..
  14. I thought we hired Childress to call plays.