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    The Wide Receivers

    Nicks is a ball-drop magnet, even on the occasion where's he's fully healthy. Not to mention he'd ask for a king's ransom...
  2. koalabazooka

    The Wide Receivers

    Lol at the weed selfie!
  3. koalabazooka

    The Wide Receivers

    Another WR bust...
  4. koalabazooka

    Costco Labels Bible as Fiction

    Evangelical America is pretty conservative compared to secular Western Europe, Canada and parts of South America.
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    Today's lesson in Irony

  6. Paintball's inventor, Bob Gurnsey, was directly inspired by Richard Connell's short story.
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    The War On Christmas!

  8. koalabazooka

    The War On Christmas!

    Kwanzaa isn't a religious holiday...
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    Today's lesson in Irony

    [insert Spellcheck here]
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    Today's lesson in Irony

    [insert bestiality comments here]
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    Today's lesson in Irony

    Glad I could spark this!
  12. He specifically said "violent black men". What point does the players' color serve, except in a subliminally racist context? Whether you get hit by an indigo lineman or a white lineman, it doesn't matter. He invoked the "violent black men" stereotype, plain and simple.
  13. Another PR nightmare for the hunter, years before his TV show. The controversial comments start at the 17-minute mark; he later makes an implicitly racist comment at the 26:36 mark:
  14. Everyone is trying to be so authoritative on this Thread, especially concerning the bestiality comment Robertson made. Thus, the lack of consensus on the spelling is ironic.
  15. koalabazooka

    Ben Tate

    Haslam has money to burn, so go for it! But they should draft a RB too, for depth.
  16. koalabazooka

    Survey Thursday

    Why are people rooting for the intra-state rival Bengals over Baltimore, and to a lesser extent, the Stoolers?
  17. koalabazooka

    Survey Thursday

    Want to see CAR finally make the playoffs again. Cam should be fun to watch in playoff situations. I hate PHI but despise DAL, so... lesser of 2 evils. I think I'll puke if MIA gets into the playoffs this year. Lose Marquee Games for Maquis. Go Beddy-Bye for Petty. See above.
  18. koalabazooka

    Official Browns QB Prospect Discussion!

    Someone brought up Cyrus K., from Alabama. He would certainly be a boon for the O-line, if CLE drafted him.
  19. koalabazooka

    Bowl Season...

    The only non-National Championship bowl worth watching is Clemson-Ohio State, honestly. That's going to be a rousing matchup.
  20. How ironic that everyone here's spelling bestiality wrong...