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  1. The Gipper

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    You are missing the point. One was a tremendous playmaker at a position he was built to play. The other may not be built to play the position he is scheduled to play. I hope you are right. That it won’t matter.
  2. The Gipper

    Owusu-Koramoah - first steal of the draft?

    But Polamalu was a safety. Jok is supposed to be a linebacker.
  3. What have you got for someone with bad acid reflex or an ulcer? I am serious.
  4. The Gipper

    Haslam and soccer

    Old school new school has nothing to do with it. Bring a team to Cleveland and it will be supported.
  5. The Gipper

    Bobby Bradley please

    By “woke “ do you mean shitty players?
  6. The Gipper

    Annoying phrases.

    You said that twice. You must like tits.
  7. The Gipper

    Ruin a Band name by changing one letter

  8. The Gipper

    Tawny Kitaen wow

  9. The Gipper

    Tawny Kitaen wow

    Too bad. She was hot as hell in the day. Drugs got her. As noted, she was married to a Cleveland Indians pitcher.
  10. Or at least wait until Linda Evans and Joan Collins join the board
  11. The Gipper

    Issues with the board and graphics

    Yes, I would be. If 15-20 bucks would really break someone, they likely would not be surfing football chat boards.....or even possess internet service.
  12. From another site: Ruin a band's name....or give some nasty or funny twist to its name by changing One letter. Here are a bunch that were already named from that other site: The Rashberries The Rolling Scones The Why? PISS (KISS) The Grass Toots The Boobie Brothers The Oinks (Kinks) The Boors Ded Leppard The Pre-Lenders Mott the Poople Blandie The Donkees (M) Geezer Sudlime Blo Rida Dolly Farton Johnny Hash Motley Crud Red Hot Chili Peepers Linkd In Park Poo Fighters Green Lay, Green Bay Fink Floyd Guns & Hoses Buns & Roses Beat Loaf Beach Bots Queer Lady Gags Canned Meat Malice Cooper The Bengals The Turdles Jethro....Pull!! Kenny Log-ins Eric Crapton Dirt Straits Steeler Dan Elvish Presley Tina Burner Urethra Franklin Carry on!!!
  13. The Gipper

    Where do we open 2021 season

    I will be in San Francisco the week before Thanksgiving. If they would schedule the Chargers game on the Sunday after Thanksgiving I could possibly see myself running down there to see the game. I think SD he said he was going to try to put together a group for a tailgate if that were to happen or whenever Browns chargers happens. I will actually be staying a week right near Green Bay this summer in mid July.