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    Browns football and Browns related topics. Music (mainly Rock), Books (Michael Crichton), a lot of comedy (Scrubs, South Park, Shameless, Futurama, Peep Show, Big Bang Theory, etc.) Loved Lost, and currently re watching the X-Files.<br /><br />Anything to get through the off-season sane.
  1. Donald Dawg

    Zombo Finally Makes the Super Bowl

    Kudos on the sack...and the the Super Bowl of course. A good namesake to have, and I laughed every time I saw it.
  2. I'd take Lee Evans for Rodgers. I don't believe it's giving up a lot for a solid weapon for Colt (if he's left in). Add in AJ Green/Julio Jones and we have a much better receiving corp. Maybe Buffolo could throw in a late pick, or a DB.
  3. Donald Dawg

    Room for improvement.

    Bring back Brandon McDonald?
  4. Donald Dawg

    Never Thought I Would Say This: Start Colt

    He must start against the Saints after that performance, and imo the rest of the year.
  5. Donald Dawg

    Room for improvement.

    1. WR AJ Green pretty please. 2. WR 3. FS 4. RT 5. OLB 6. CB
  6. Donald Dawg

    ANDERSON gets the last laugh?

    It was an exciting game. Anderson played very well. He got hit numerous times, and he kept on throwing strikes. The Anderson to Fitzgerald combo will get better the more time they play together. If he was still here though he'd be less than useless. But with a pair of good-great wr's he's got a really high ceiling.
  7. Donald Dawg

    Browns Vs Bucs - Live Game Thread

    What a hit from TJ. Nice
  8. Donald Dawg

    Browns Feed?

    I've just bought NFL Game Pass because I couldn't find a decent stream. Oops. I saw the TD though. So I guess it was worth it... £182
  9. http://www.theonion.com/articles/onion-spo...,18023/?slide=1 Wow. This is a horrible piece of... They think Bobby Ingram is a starter for one. Think we're worse off without Jamal Lewis. Sigh.
  10. Donald Dawg

    Players added after final cuts

    I read somewhere that he's been claimed by Miami. I hope that's not the case.
  11. Donald Dawg

    Peyton Hillis is DA MAN !

    I agree. From what I've seen so far, he is the real deal. Tough, doesn't go down easily. If Harrison doesn't stop with the fumbles then I can see Hillis getting an awful lot of carries this year. Behind a good O-Line and alongside Vickers, he could put up some very nice numbers.
  12. Donald Dawg

    Marcus Benard

    I reckon we'll keep 9-10 LBr's. I can't see Blake getting cut. He's awesome on special teams, and an above average back up (at least). On Bernard, he's been looking very solid. He'll be finishing the season as a starter.
  13. Donald Dawg


    I still like the pick. He was worth the gamble, and hopefully still is. Adrian Peterson was an injury prone prospect coming out and he's done all right. Obviously there's difference in talent, but the point remains.
  14. I think we'd rather have someone kept around who can play on special teams to a good level. Considering at best he'd be our dime, I'd say we've got enough depth. It won't take long for him to find another team.
  15. Donald Dawg

    Leinart to be released

    I hope that he does well. He has got the talent. If he gets off to a good start then the skies the limit. He just needs to get rhythm and now he's got next to no chance of getting pulled from a game. The Arizona crowd should be better for him (with the lack of Brady freakin' Quinn to call for).