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  1. D Bone

    Issues with the board and graphics

    I'm guessing there are plenty of people who would vehemently disagree.
  2. D Bone

    Well this explains JOK's slide...

    That, or goalie.
  3. D Bone

    Well this explains JOK's slide...

    Isn't JOK about the same size as Jabrill Peppers?
  4. D Bone

    Draft Grades

    Always nice to receive attaboys from the all knowing peanut gallery, but grading the draft hours after it's over is like buying a brand new car and then immediately proclaiming it the most dependable car you've ever owned.
  5. D Bone

    NFL Draft Round 4 and Beyond

    Words Ghoolie's wife has had to live by.
  6. D Bone

    Rounds 2 & 3

    The real questions is...... Why do we call it a wood - when there's no wood?
  7. D Bone

    The Draft: Round One

    Looking at our shinny new CB, he has missed a lot of college football games due to injury and that stuff tends to follow you. Hopefully he can shake that and be available week in and week out...
  8. D Bone

    Rounds 2 & 3

  9. D Bone

    A little Pre Draft Entertainment

    OK, two. 😄
  10. D Bone

    A little Pre Draft Entertainment

    There's only one better way to start the day that I know of.