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  1. TopDawg31

    NFL Announces Plans for NFL Draft in Cleveland

    Attending and hoping to set up GNATS Tailgate in the Burke lot. GNATS TAILGATERS
  2. TopDawg31

    Browns to celebrate 75th Anniversary in 2021

    NFL May Allow Alternate Helmets In 2021 – CBS Boston (cbslocal.com)
  3. TopDawg31

    Browns to celebrate 75th Anniversary in 2021

    Wasn't aware of this one shell rule. I imagine if they wanted to do it, the plan would have been put in motion months or even years ago thus giving them plenty of time to pull it off if allowed.
  4. TopDawg31

    Browns to celebrate 75th Anniversary in 2021

    Maybe an exact replica of the 1946 uniform, complete with white helmet and a face mask of course. Before anybody says don't mess with the helmet, its a one off celebration of 75 years of existence and would probably never be used again until 100 years of existence.
  5. TopDawg31

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Almost forgot, actually did forget. We have this guy coming off IR for next season. We may already have Vernon's replacement.
  6. TopDawg31

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Resign Vernon, Acquire JJ and there you have a nice rotation at RE. Our pass rush was non existent without Vernon and JJ is still far better than anything we have behind Vernon.
  7. Collins highlight reel on youtube looks great.
  8. Wonder who the close contacts to Malcolm Smith will be?
  9. Thanks for the research. I've been saying all along that the run game has suffered since OBJ went down without doing the research. People would tell me BS but its obvious to me. I believe the offense was still trying to find their way early on. It appears now they are finding their way and OBJ with compliment it when he returns.
  10. TopDawg31

    LT Wills out with Illness

    Lets hope this doesn't turn into slow developing Covid like it did with Myles.
  11. correct, My daughter just came back from Vegas on Monday. No Shows, No Buffets but there is still gambling.
  12. TopDawg31

    Week 16: CLE @ NYJ.... a/k/a Meadowlands 2.0

    I don't understand why he does not go to the bench and suck on an oxygen mask between series?
  13. TopDawg31

    Higgins vs Hodge

    watch Hodge on ST's, he makes his mark there.