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    Interested In What We Do At Te

    Why even take the time to reply mik??
  2. Btrester151

    Interested In What We Do At Te

    I'm curious....why did we let evan moore go?? Seems like he caught everything thrown at him. Blocking??speed? Just never really understood that move.
  3. Btrester151

    12/9 Vs Cheif Tailgate

    Will be tailgating for my first time as a browns fan( ok a converted Bengals season ticket holder from cincy, been a fan for 3 years now). Where is the place to be before kickoff.
  4. Btrester151

    What About Vy?

    I agree. You would have to think if anything it would push colt. If he would come here that is. I have always been a fan.