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  1. Bob806

    X republicans threaten 3rd party

    I don't blame these politicians, I blame the voters who elected them.
  2. Bob806

    Schedule Release

    Then he's due for a loss!!!
  3. I voted 3rd party, because I'm disgusted with the partisan divide.
  4. Bob806


    Agree. I'm sure they'll bring in a few kickers to camp. Parkey has to know he isn't a lock for the job.
  5. Bob806


    He's made a few from 40+. The other problem is he rarely kicks it out of the endzone on kickoffs, drives me nuts.
  6. Bob806


    Not if it's over 45 yards
  7. Bob806

    Rounds 2 & 3

    Lol...I just downed an IPA in 22 seconds after the pick
  8. Bob806

    Aaron Rogers wants out of GB...

    I thought the WRs were divas, jeez. Wilson, Watson, & now Rodgers. Whiny idiots.
  9. Bob806

    A nick-name for a powerful defense

    They did....Ratbirds, Scum of the Earth, A$$holes, etc....
  10. Bob806

    Who Could be THE Bust of this draft?

    His record as a starter was 4-8, 4-9 counting the playoff game. Yes, he couldn't stay healthy here. He went on to Buffalo (4-4), then Minnesota (0-3). Nothing stellar here or elsewhere. I just think if a guy gets you to the playoffs (Couch) he shouldn't lose the starting job due to an injury in week 17. Butch fell in love with Holcomb based off one game and it basically sunk the Browns and Butch himself.
  11. Bob806

    Who Could be THE Bust of this draft?

    Kelly Holcomb fooled everybody when he tore up the Steelers decimated secondary in a playoff game. When they threw Couch to the curb they found out Holcomb wasn't any better. So they went out & got Jeff Garcia.
  12. Bob806

    Who Could be THE Bust of this draft?

    I think Justin Fields is a risky pick. Saying that, high risk, high rewards I suppose.
  13. Bob806

    Mandated vaccine opinions

    I got both shots for two reasons A) just attempting to be kind to my family & humanity B)hoping that many do the same so we can get back to normal. Im not going to be very happy if these restrictions don't go away (I'm assuming the majority of our population is getting vaccinated). They asked/begged us to comply, so here's hoping that we see normal real soon. For the anti-vax folks, I know they have concerns & reasons. I wouldn't want them to be treated as 2nd class citizens however. I think mandating the vaccine(s) isn't a good idea. Way too much control there in the " land of the free." But like your last sentence implies, we can all have our beliefs on this. The wild card are the damn lawyers who may end up screwing both the people who got the vaccine, and those who did not.
  14. Bob806

    Favorite divisonal rivalry

    I get your take. When the Rats & Steelers played for the AFC Championship several years ago, it was torture. I found myself hoping the Ratbirds lost more than the Steelers winning lol. Kind of like the "lesser of 2 evils" in an election.
  15. Bob806

    More PC MLB

    Rubio seemed like the brightest guy on the Republican stage during the 2015/16 Republican debates. I'm not normally a fan of Republicans, but he made the most sense. I still don't know how DJT won all those primaries, but he did. America is indeed a political enigma.