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  1. Nuckin Futz

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

  2. Nuckin Futz

    Austin Davis sucks....

    A large order of fries instead of a medium order? You're dreaming dude. He's a fuckin cancer.
  3. Nuckin Futz

    Farmer Gone?

  4. http://clevelandsports360.com/wordpress/browns-joe-haden-ruled-out-for-sunday-against-rams-despite-the-nfl-network-reporting-he-has-been-cleared/
  5. Nuckin Futz

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Was it picked? Seriously, this kid needs to fly under the radar and get his shit in one bag.
  6. Patriots Superbowl Ring https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=915814641809268&set=a.685862804804454.1073741825.100001422238237&type=1
  7. Nuckin Futz

    Buh Bye Trent

  8. Nuckin Futz

    Pettine "GONE" Per Chuck Booms!

    ^^^^^^^^ This +1
  9. Nuckin Futz

    ***Official Browns @ Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Fuck him and his "show me the money" bullshit. Carted his punk ass off the field with a towel over his head like he just came out of the hood. Fuck all you fanbois.
  10. Nuckin Futz

    The positive Bengals post game thread

    The ONLY positive...we won't have to put up with the JFF faggot fanbois for at least another week!
  11. Nuckin Futz

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Go fuck yourself.
  12. Nuckin Futz

    Little Browns fans

  13. Nuckin Futz

    Browns new uniforms for 2015

    Figures a uni-fag wouyld post this shit in the middle of a fuckin playoff run.
  14. Nuckin Futz

    Bills WR Hogan outplaying "superstar" Sammy Watkins

    Agreed. The Browns have been doing fine without the #1 threat op to this point. Shpould only get better with Josh back.