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  1. It's all business. Like the Vikings better? Enjoy Sheldon. We hardly knew ye.
  2. hoorta

    Carl Nassib is Gay

    OK, I deleted most of the personal insults. If you want to do more insulting- go to the (virtually free) moderation zone over on the political forum. Ah, if being gay is what you want to do ( I know several lesbian couples) your choice. I won't love you any less as a person, but OTOH- I don't approve of your lifestyle. That's just me, and I'll leave it at that, as far as things farther down the LBGTQ spectrum go. Almost everyone has some opinion of the spectrum from "it's your own business" or "you're going to hell" and everywhere in between.
  3. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Geez- go back to your delusional rabbit hole, how you can possibly paint Orangie in a positive light with the above is beyond me. . Yup- Trump's lackeys take the fall for him. His pal Stone even gets pardoned. Flynn wants another 1\6 insurrection. Ever hear Crooks of a feather, flock together? Trump is the ringleader. His day in court is yet to come. Georgia- New York- Washington DC. Cohen is cooperating with the Feds with inside info- FYI... It's coming, as sure as the sun comes up. Laugh while you can. Cheetos will be damn lucky if he's not in jail playing scrabble with Bill Cosby.
  4. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    I do indeed... Please- I beg to differ- Mueller found plenty- it's just that they (in Mueller's opinion) couldn't charge a sitting president with a crime.... just keep floating in the river of denial Cal rafts on.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mueller_report https://www.acslaw.org/projects/the-presidential-investigation-education-project/other-resources/key-findings-of-the-mueller-report/ "The investigation produced 37 indictments; seven guilty pleas or convictions; and compelling evidence that the president obstructed justice on multiple occasions. Mueller also uncovered and referred 14 criminal matters to other components of the Department of Justice." OTOH, regarding voter fraud, Trump's minions have served up 60 or so nothing burgers in assorted Federal courts to date. I'll be waiting for evidence that isn't something "Release my Crap-pen" (soon to be disbarred Sydney Powell), or back on the crack pipe Mike Lindell have hallucinated. Denial runs deep in Trump world. Now Tucker Carlson wants to tell his viewers January 6th was somehow an FBI plot? You guys aren't living in anything that resembles reality..
  5. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Regarding the BOLD I hope to God you're right, but I strongly suspect you're dead wrong. The only way Trump will "truly" be gone off the political stage is if he keels over from a heart attack. But there's his sycophant fanatic nut jobs like MTG, Boebert, and Gaetz to carry on the cause. If Trump was "truly" gone you wouldn't see Ohio Republican Senatorial wannabees trying to out Trump one another. How this all shakes out in the Senate, one way or the other isn't going to affect me all that much. You should take a listen to The Buffalo Springfield's "For What it's Worth".... "Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep. It starts when you're always afraid". Plenty of paranoia from the right. They're going to tax us to death, and take away our guns... OMG, communism here we come!!! Regarding the whole LGBTQ movement. Ahem- my religious convictions won't allow me to approve of that lifestyle. Don't approve of gay marriage either if you're interested. Yup, American is sinking into an amoral hell. OTOH, there's a majority of MAGAs who still stand behind one of the most amoral presidents in US history. Um, DT is still trying months later to try and "prove" he won an election he clearly lost. 60 court cases including Republican judges and the conservative Supreme Court that his stooge McConnel stacked for him say so. BTW "lacks standing" means you've served up a big nothing burger- get the hell out of my courtroom... But 45 has still got his Numbskull Ninjas in Arizona looking for bamboo, and now maybe pizza sauce on some ballots. The below is just for starters where the wannabe dictator stepped way over the line... there's SO much more for anyone who doesn't have their head buried in MAGA sand. "Schiff told the Times he was told last month that the investigation into the House Intelligence Committee had been closed. He called the probe another example of Trump using the Justice Department as "a cudgel against his political opponents and members of the media. It is increasingly apparent that those demands did not fall on deaf ears. The politicization of the department and the attacks on the rule of law are among the most dangerous assaults on our democracy carried out by the former president." And in deference to Steve, I'll leave this side battle end here. TDS is a cop out by MAGAs who can't stand a little reality check regarding their former leader.
  6. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    My problem with "modern Republicans" is there's two factions of them... those who have drunk the Trump Kool-Aid (Space Lasers, I'm coming back by August!!) and want to follow a wannabe dictator right off of a cliff. Or those (apparently few) Republicans who haven't lost their fucking minds or souls- like Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse who still have a grip on reality. Count me in the latter group. For the record Cysko- you can think Trump belongs in a nut house, and not be a "Progressive Democrat"... It's a concept lost on the vast majority of posters here.
  7. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Yup, that's exacty what happens when you keep drinking the Trump Koolaid.
  8. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    OMG- straight out of the Right Wing rabbit hole, only in MAGA alternate reality. You have a former president repeating something over and over- 30,000 lies (and counting)- beating the drum about election fraud. The lemmings believe it without question. Show your proof in court (that's been an epic FAIL to date) or STFU!!!!
  9. hoorta

    Happy Juneteenth!

    Honest question- did anyone on this forum hear of Juneteenth more than a few years ago? Now it's a National Holiday. I guess MLK Day and Black History Month weren't enough. To make it fair- let's make March 17th- Saint Patrick's Day a national Holiday- it is in Ireland. How about May 5th Cinco de Mayo for our Mexican friends? Kościuszko day in August for our Polish immigrants...
  10. hoorta

    The narrative we knew is not reality...

    Fair enough- we don't know what the long term effects of the vaccines will be. But cytotoxic? If it was, with several hundred million doses administered- we'd certainly have some inkling if they were "cytotoxic", at least in the short term. Your body your choice. But for every anti vaxxer who comes down with covid- there's also the chance of a mutation that's going to render the vaccines ineffective. BTW- The Internet is a blessing and a curse. I'm old enough to remember when the "experimental" polio vaccines came out. The difference being back then everyone with a blog (they didn't exist) could spread misinformation, disinformation and outright crap (magnetism anyone?) about the vaccines. You just lined up and got your shot or sugar cubes. So go ahead- take your chances. You might be lucky and not die. OTOH, my younger brother walked with a limp for the rest of his life- he was one of the lucky ones who only got a mild case of polio.
  11. Sure did, just about weekly.. And it's not like Trump was in the lab cooking up the vaccines either. If scientists hadn't laid the technology years earlier when they were researching a vaccine for Ebola- Well, Operation Warp Speed would have been Operation 1\4 Impulse power. (I'm a Trek fan if you haven't realized it- and the horta is one of the creatures) Nah- I give credit where it's due, but as with any other of Trump's "accomplishments" it got talked up to the Moon. Ahem.. overrated, as usual... Just the Facts: "Pfizer notably did not accept government money to develop, test or expand manufacturing capacity under Trump’s Operation Warp Speed initiative to quickly find a vaccine and treatments for the disease sweeping the country. In fact, Pfizer partnered with the vaccine’s original developer, Germany’s BioNTech, in March and the following month announced the first human study in Germany. The White House announced Operation Warp Speed in May." PS- DT notably screwed up the distribution of the vaccines initially. Let's not forget when it comes to covid- he suggested lysol and bright lights (shades of Charles Mesmer) & sent the research community on a wild goose chase with hydroxy. Forget about Dr. Devil Sperm? Or let 'em get infected and maybe die Dr. Scot Atlas? I haven't. Of course it wouldn't be complete without bringing up his "it's just going away" 26 times, and masks? Who need masks? Of course he came down with covid and around a dozen others in his orbit- and Sleepy Joe- who followed the guidelines didn't. La La La- La.
  12. If you happen to have a couple functioning neurons, it's not exactly rocket science to wander over to https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html and get the latest data... Cases and deaths are way down... But if the anti-vaxxers want to win Darwin Awards? Be my guest... Blame those deaths on Joe while you're at it- just like the increase in the price of gas...
  13. hoorta

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Sorry I couldn't make it- out of the loop on vacation...
  14. Yup- Biden Derangement syndrome for sure, one of the worst cases I've seen... You've had a heavy swig of the Trump Kool-Aid today I see...
  15. Nah- it's those Trumpistas who don't know the difference...
  16. You wouldn't recognize a cult leader if Donald Trump personally walked up to you and kicked you in the ass...
  17. One thing I've learned over the last year... It's still remarkably easy to Brainwash millions of people into believing outright lies by a Cult leader .
  18. I don't have TDS- however I can recognize a pathological lying, malignant narcissist, wannabe dictator when the need arises.
  19. And anyone who doesn't agree with some right wing nut jobs is a communist'. Got that one long ago..
  20. I will say this Vambo- if you acted like this big of a dick on the Browns forum- you'd have been gone, long ago...
  21. Ah came up out of the rabbit hole for some air I see... For the record- I ditched my mask weeks ago... Baby steps.. Trump did say "it's (covid) going away" 26 times.... Trump did happen to say "good people on both sides" in Charlottesville. Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’, John McCain- a fucking loser. That's disrespect to the military, FYI. Got any other delusions? And for the record relative noob- way back we had a poster on the Browns Board- Rich4Eagle by name- who went off the rails as badly as Cal currently is. You can rant and rave to a point- but there are boundaries here, hate to bust your bubble. Ghoolie got sent packing for repeated abuse and insanity. You're confusing Moderation for the "Anarchy Free Zone" you apparently want here.
  22. I see you like to deny the reality this forum is 95%+ an 8chan echo chamber. The truth hurts, doesn't it? And the Trumpistas want to hang people (like Mike Pence) they don't agree with- or send them death threats like Raffensberger et al.
  23. Bold.. Nice fantasy there Steve- just Google "Russian Collusion". I did... Well, the election was stolen, January 6th was a peaceful demonstration, Jewish Space lasers start forest fires, the Earth is flat, and Trump is coming back by August. And those death threats against election folks in Georgia were really a Democratic false flag too I'll bet.... Just one for starters... https://www.politico.com/story/2019/04/18/mueller-report-russian-election-plot-1365568 I won't waste my time posting the dozens of others saying the same. Yup- FAKE News....
  24. Not 1\2 as dangerous as anyone who still believes Cheetos lies...