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  1. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    Yup- nice whataboutism- again... Keep it up son- you're pretty funny...
  2. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    Lies are truth Cal.. you missed the important one... 30,000 and counting... If anyone wants power- it's DJT- he got seriously drunk on it. Don't worry guy- the truth is coming out, little by little. Next delusion up- those DOJ documents are forged. Just like Antifa and the FBI were in charge of 1\6.... Patriot Post? Got any stuff from Red State, The Blaze, or Epoch Times? I'm sure you have it all under control. You're so far down in the rabbit hole, hopeless case of delusion. You don't believe your ears- it's on tape BTW, "just find me 10,000 more votes" Georgia way. Or your eyes- false flag 1\6- even though all those arrested are saying "Trump sent us". Antifa? FBI? Yeah- sure...
  3. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    Not 1\10th as stupid as anyone who still wants to use TDS as a defense against the obvious- you're still in love with a pathological liar. The walls are closing in.. But do keep on enjoying your delusion....
  4. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    The fact that you still are drinking the Kool-Aid and living in Trump's alternate reality tells me all I need to know. Care to name a dollars number on a bet Trump isn't coming back this month? Lindell says he is, and stupid MAGAs actually believe it.
  5. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    Aw gee Tex- they're all butt hurt more dirt is surfacing on their hero... Why no!!!!! this can't be!!! I guess I'll make like the Wicked Witch of the West for them. "Why my little party (er, investigation) is just beginning"...
  6. hoorta

    Time to Let It Go

    How much "investigation" is enough Steve? One recount, two recounts- seems it doesn't matter how many recounts- until the Cult of Conspiracy gets the result(s) they want.. Doesn't matter either how many judges- and the Supreme Court- keep telling the MAGAs- you've got nothing burgers. But we've got plenty of delusion and conspiracy theories that as of now, haven't withstood legal scrutiny though. Let's not trust election officials down Arizona or Georgia way who have said the vote was legit- but we'll believe some untrained and uncertified Ninjas looking for bamboo fibers- and batshit crazies like Mike Lindell or Kraken Powell instead. Those same election official have needed police protection because some of the whack jobs are so butthurt Trump lost they've been dialing up death threats. I'm glad you admit it's over Steve- unfortunately the Orange Man doesn't & never will either. It's not in his DNA to admit he lost.. MHO is it won't be over until he's hauled off to jail or a mental institution.... Do I have to say it again? Those wheels of justice are still slowly turning, and the DOJ memos are just one more piece of the puzzle. Find me votes in Georgia- Arizona. If they want to prosecute- there's enough now to show a "pattern of corruption". Makes perfect sense with 20\20 hindsight why Trump was slow on the draw to call up the National Guard 1\6. For added entertainment- it's going to be popcorn time when the the Select Committee dials up Jim Jordan and Mo Brooks asking them what was happening in that meeting with Trumpie December 27th. Hmmmm???? TDS? Nah- was it wrong to despise guys like Charles Manson or Ted Bundy? To say the least, I like to think I know evil when I see it.... Plenty of folks out there happen to agree with me. Just Google "Trump Antichrist".
  7. hoorta

    Insurrection Testimonies

    Since YOU asked Steve- I'll respond- I'm just so done arguing with the rest of the delusionals that populate this forum. I have better things to do, like the happenings in Browns training camp. Just Bidin' my time, the wheels of justice are still slowly turning. And MHO is they're eventually going to run over Orangie with a semi. Talking about the 1\6 Commission I assume? First- it's not a court- fact finding first. If they find criminal intent- that's where the courts will take over. (Ask Mo Brooks about that.) Will Trump show up when he gets subpoenaed and charged with Contempt of Congress? Stay tuned there Steve. I seem to remember he told his lackeys to not show up to testify in the Russian Collusion investigation- and got away with it. You'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not be aware there's been multiple reports of Trump's shady dealings going all the way back to his Casino Days in New Jersey, maybe even before that... BTW, Who's going to get a "huge financial reward" Cy Vance? Finally- Don't forget- the Republicans had their chance for an independent commission and walked away. Don't act stupid either- you and me know damn well why they didn't want this inquiry. Because it's plain as day what happened, and who is eventually responsible. Too many wimp Republicans still like kissing someone's ass and defending him at every turn possible. I'll single out why Pelosi told Jim Jordan to take a hike. Ever seen any of his antics in Congress? I have. He would have turned any legitimate inquiry into a clown show.
  8. hoorta

    Insurrection Testimonies

    I'm bowing out Woody- some MAGAs won't even admit what their own eyes showed them anymore.... Ah- what the hell - Schmucker Carlson posts video of a few guys milling around in the Capitol Rotunda after the Capitol police were overwhelmed, and some beaten with in 1\2 inch of their lives. I'll be saddened if at least a few of the perpetrators (trial by combat) and (take names and kick ass) you know who they are- don't eventually wind up in jail for inciting a riot. Hey MAGAs- get your heads out of Trump's ass and admit that's EXACTLY what this was.
  9. hoorta

    Insurrection Testimonies

    Trump IS the Swamp Show... Ah, I get it now- this is the latest in Q-Ball bullshit... You obviously flunked grade school math... 200 Proud Boys and Three Percenters had serious backup. Go back to your rabbit hole... Regarding the Kangaroo Court- the Orange Kangaroo is going to have two options when subpoenaed 1) refuse to show up- or 2) lie out his ass (probable) trying to explain away "come on down January 6th.. IT WILL BE WILD!!!! " It sure was Donnie, it sure was. You're going to have to try and explain away the time stamped calls for you to call up the National Guard- and doubtless- to avoid any more trouble she's already in- Ivanka is going to testify "Daddy- please, please tell them to go home." Yup... You're delusional Canton- for sure.
  10. hoorta

    Insurrection Testimonies

    That would be Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. You obviously want to believe.. "there was so much LOVE in that crowd"... Says the Mad Hatter... So much love Fanone and a few others police officers were almost killed. And one died in the aftermath... The Republicans had their chance at an independent commission and they passed on the opportunity. Pelosi was going to have three of the five seated- but McCarthy got butthurt that they wouldn't put Jordan on the Commission? May as well have put Marjorie Taylor Green on it. He didn't want an investigation- he wants a circus with Jordan interrupting it at every turn. The GQP is trying mightily to rewrite history- and MHO is they're going to fail. You obviously cant count- want to try several thousand on the Capitol grounds- at least? Yup, so much LOVE in that crowd- they were chanting "HANG MIKE PENCE"... Yup- Pence and Pelosi dead, the electoral votes destroyed- we'd have been well on the way Canton. Gotta drag me into it huh? That has exactly what to do with the 1\6 Commission? Are you thinking Kavanaugh will side with the other eight Supreme Court Justices and reinstate Trump like batshit crazy Mike Lindell says they will when he presents his "overwhelming evidence". For the record- I felt some of the stuff that came up at the Kavanaugh hearing was a smear job.. but it has come to light ahem... a bunch of stuff never was presented either. I had plenty of objection that McConnell and the Repubs were hypocritical as hell when they did a 180 and rammed Amy C. Barrett onto the court at the last minute though. PS the responses to the Commission hearing from the right wing echo chamber are totally predictable.
  11. hoorta

    Apologies if this is already been posted

    Watched the entire thing Steve- and he certainly flubbed up a few times... If guys want him gone and Kamala to take over great. For the short attention spans- folks got snarky about Reagan taking naps in meetings. BTW if you want to bash on Joe I sure as hell can bash on #45. Equal time... MHO is the guy who said THIS is totally delusional, and belongs in a mental institution. “There was a lot of love, I’ve heard that from everybody,” he continued. “Many, many people have told me, ‘That was a loving crowd.’ ” So loving- to paraphrase what Officer Fanone told the Commission- well, I could have started shooting until I ran out of ammo, but then I would have wound up dead.
  12. Yeah- I'm aware of a cytokine response. You also didn't answer my question (that I'm too damn lazy too research on my own) What's the current ratio of severe adverse reactions to the doses administered? Like life threatening. From the get-go no one claimed these vaccines were 100% safe- neither are any others for that matter. And I said way back- 95% effective sure as hell isn't 100% effective. But the anti-vaxxers are making hay on the (to be expected) breakthrough infections. Just for fun- I'll play devils advocate with you. If then was now- let's back it up 60 or so years. Salk's polio vaccine- and then the attenuated sugar cubes a few years later. OMG- the anti-vaxxers would have had a damn field day with that one today. "Experimental unproven vaccine" "we don't know the long term effects". Whatever. 20\20 hindsight tells me we had no fucking idea at the time of what the long term effects of ingesting an attenuated virus was going to do to us. The difference? Back then we trusted the "experts". Now- anyone with a computer can claim to be a fucking "expert". Said it earlier- you don't want to take a chance? Young healthy? Tell that to the 15 kids in Jacksonville who are in ICU. Be my guest, antivaxxers- but don't ask me to put flowers on your grave.
  13. Seriously Cal- you have to drag up an article that's over a year old? Maybe that's correct- maybe not. The official record keeper (John Hopkins) of covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths would disagree with that right wing article. Believe whatever you want to. No sense arguing with a brick wall...
  14. Just to get back on topic regarding the original post... Not so fast, more jumping the gun. that sure fits a FOX announcer's narrative though. Dennison isn't fired- he's been reassigned to have less (probably no) player contact... https://www.nfl.com/news/rick-dennison-vikings-senior-offensive-advisor-offensive-line-covid-19