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  1. Well I ended up buying one today. Got the medium size Elite wanted the big one cuz there really isn't much price difference but it's too big to even attempt what I want to do with this thing, the small one was cool too and cheap but not really what I was looking for. Costco's price of $670 for the Elite was significantly better than $800 anywhere else I looked plus the guy there doing the demo chipped in some nice free stuff with it too. Best part about Costco is they have an awesome return policy if I decide I don't like it I can take it back anytime, even after I've used it which is great. I'll try to post some pictures when I get things set up but you guys should go over there and check out the demo while they're still there this weekend cuz I think these things are pretty sweet. I'm excited to have a cool new toy!
  2. Ya I'm not sure on the exact size of that one, it's supposed to be their medium sized one and the dimensions they have listed doesn't make it seem too big but haven't seen it in person. Was planning to weld a tailgate kit for it that slides into my truck hitch kinda like one that I seen a long time ago where they took the legs off a grill and attached it to a pivoted arm that swung out from the hitch behind their truck. Probably getting ahead of myself though. I didn't really think about the time factor I guess in regard to tailgating but would probably just do ribs or something that you can do in like 3 hours, although I guess these things can also bake pizza too so that'd be kinda intersting as well, it may be an EZ back oven after all just the grown version ha ha! I heard that they're doing the Traeger demos at the Costco over on the eastide near Cleveland Heights/ Mayfield area. Gonna see if I can make it over that way tommorrow and find it so I can see them to give me a better idea. If I see anyone I'll ask about the pellets and report back cuz that is a good question.
  3. Zombo I appreciate your enthusiam to share your personal home photos but there is probably a more appropriate place to do that than hi-jacking my thread This is a photo of the one I'm looking at from their webiste traegergrills.com but I hear you can get them cheaper if you find them at Costco so I will probably go look there. It's supposed to be a Grill, slow cooker, and smoker all in one which seems pretty cool to me and would be nice to have for football bbqs and tailgating so I don't have to haul and run mulitple units. That's why I has hoping someone had heard of them and had some experience they could share but looks like I'm probably on my own for research on them unless anyone just hasn't spoke up yet?
  4. Thanks Zombo I'm glad to see you have such "diverse" interests that you can provide that kind of information, although not quite the kind of info I was looking for but to each their own. Keep up the great work buddy! Anyone with a serious comment? Has anyone even heard of these grills before?
  5. I just got back from visiting a buddy in Memphis and he has a new one of these Traeger BBQ grills, I had never heard of them before but the food he made on it was incredible, best ribs and brisket I've probably ever had just don't tell my buddy I said that his ego is big enough, and it seemed relatively easy to use from what he showed me so now I'm interested in possibly getting one but just wanted to see what others here thought. Particularly if anyone has any experience tailgating with one as that's something I would like to get into this season but really any info about the Traegers would be appreciated. Thanks.