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  1. What happens when you shop at Ross ...... you think your getting Jerry Rice but the qualiity isn't there.
  2. Now I would like the copy and paste free version ...where you type it all out London
  3. darren15

    Post Draft Survey

    1. The Browns now have Elliot/Billings/Malik Jackson/Marvin Wilso/Square/Togiai/McDowell and Day at DT. Do they really have room to bring back Sheldon Richardson? How many of these guys stick? Sheldon does not sign ...we keep 4 DT's 2. Which of the following QB/WR/RB reunions will work best in the pros: Burrows/Chase LSU; Tua/Waddell Alabama; Hurt/Smith Alabama; Lawrence/Etienne Clemson Burrow/Chase 3. Tim Tebow is going to try out at Tight End for his old coach Urban Meyer and the Jags. Will it work? No 4. Both Brett Favre and Terry Bradshaw have less than complimentary things to say about Aaron Rodgers and his desire to get out of Green Bay: "Too Sensitive" "Weak" "Melodramatic etc. Are they right? No .....players have to feel wanted, Packers last few drafts have made it feel like helping him was last thing on agenda 5. Speaking of Rodgers, would he be worth making this trade for him, which I heard proposed: To Miami for their 2 first round picks in 2022, their two first round picks in 2023, and Tua. There is talk on Twitter of Baker and 2022 1 and 2 and 2023 1 and 2 .....KEEP BAKER
  4. darren15

    Browns Sign Another DT Vet

    Anyone know what ROUND SQUARE was drafted in ?
  5. darren15

    Browns Sign Another DT Vet

    Damion Square ....... Sheldon wont return now ...
  6. darren15

    Browns sign Malik McDowell

    He has the chance to compete for a spot....Seahawks 2019 2nd rd pick, never played a snap after an ATV accident then getting jailed for 11 months.... apparently worked to turn his life around and Berry is giving him a chance
  7. darren15

    Browns sign Malik McDowell

    Do not know the terms yet, years or salary
  8. darren15

    My 3 Round Mock Draft

    I think I got 5 right or something like that ...... I got 4 right in round 1 tho which was 1 more than the consensus draft
  9. darren15

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  10. darren15

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  11. darren15

    Mac Speedie- H.O.F. er

    Was he as Speedie as Anthony Schwartz ?
  12. darren15

    With The 32nd Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft ....

    I suppose picking someone from Liberty is extra insurance at the position ...
  13. darren15

    The official Terry Pluto thread