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  1. MLD Woody

    Mental health...the new excuse..

    It was a clusterfuck btw. Way to cramped. Normal summer Beerfest was much better. You didn't miss anything. And good on you for cutting those things. Just the sugar alone should be a big boost. You're not that agitated. And you weren't completely wrong.
  2. MLD Woody

    Bill Maher close to correct again

    you also have to remember the vast majority of Japanese didn't want the Olympics to happen. Trying to cancel those in charge was an avenue to attempt to cancel the whole thing. They don't have to even care about what these people did. They just wanted to shut down the whole thing.
  3. MLD Woody

    Bill Maher close to correct again

    a little more than just "bullying classmates as a kid" by the way Oyamada, who is better known as Cornelius, sparked fury on social media after reports resurfaced of magazine interviews he gave in the 1990s when he discussed, apparently without remorse, bullying at least one disabled classmate. Online accounts in English and Japanese said Oyamada, 52, had forced one boy to eat his own faeces and masturbate in front of other students.
  4. MLD Woody

    Mental health...the new excuse..

    Whether you believe this or not I'll respond once to you and leave it there. You're not above coming and posting here either, for one. I took a while off, and I post a lot less than I used to because you're right, it's really a lost cause. You, Vapor, etc might have something interesting to say, and that's about it. If you think this takes a lot of time at all you'd be mistaken. Between meetings and other downtime it isn't much. It's an overestimation of the time it really takes, but yes, it's still all a waste. You lurk. I post slightly more. Big whoop. Don't think a few posts means I'm not doing anything else. You called me out so I responded. The usual folk will jump on this like they usually do and I'll see a string of hidden comments. No need to make this a back and forth. If you live in CLE Beerfest is this weekend at Progressive. It'll be a good time if you can get tickets still.
  5. MLD Woody

    Removing Confederate generals statues

    And with that last typical Steve attempt to put words in my mouth I'm going to end this back and forth. You're pulling the party line to the point you're supporting people that were, by definition, anti American. We're not going to get anywhere with this. You'll zig and zag and do you're typical nonsense. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  6. MLD Woody

    Insurrection Testimonies

    So it wasn't Trump supporters. It was an inside job but also somehow Antifa/BLM? So the event that seems to make Trump supporters look bad, that has hundreds of hours of video evidence of being Trump supporters, that occurred right after a Trump rally, was actually the result of all of the groups that Trump supporters hate. Incredibly convenient.
  7. MLD Woody

    Removing Confederate generals statues

    I don't live in the South. I don't see monuments to the losing side. I don't see a country that went to war with us being celebrated. I'm also not black and don't have black ancestors. But I have the mental capacity to understand why someone may have a problem with something that doesn't directly affect me (I know, a crazy concept for many posters on here). This would not be an issue I would be aware of otherwise until it was brought up. I have no problem removing statues and celebrations of traitors. Especially when you learn the true history of a lot of these confederate celebrations (to go against the civil rights movement). Is it my top issue? No, it isn't. But this also seems pretty cut and dry. Seeing conservatives make arguments to keep these monuments to people that literally went to war with America, and then have those same people talk about how Real America they are, is hilarious. Museums, books, etc. still exist. These statues should be in museums with honest, accurate recounts of what actually happened. They should be getting erected decades later by the daughters of the confederacy to scare black people only so conservatives decades after that can fight to keep them up and act like they've been there since the war ended. Removing a public statue celebrating individuals that fought the united states for the ability to continue to enslave another race and putting that statue in a museum (while continuing to have numerous books and media options talking about the civil war) is not erasing any history. It isn't rewriting any history. There is already an attempt to rewrite history in regards to these monuments, school names, etc. The vast majority were erected 50 years after the civil war during Jim Crow. Another spike occurred almost 100 years after the war during the civil rights movement. The intentions couldn't have been more obvious...
  8. MLD Woody

    Real America Conference

    Truly the best our country has to offer
  9. MLD Woody

    Insurrection Testimonies

    @JAFBF in your own words, what happened on January 6th in DC? Who did it involve?
  10. MLD Woody

    Removing Confederate generals statues

    You gotta love the politicization of scientific and medical issues... Great way to hold the entire country back
  11. MLD Woody

    Removing Confederate generals statues

    Where did I say we should wipe every trace of the confederacy of the map? Please, show me. Go ahead, I'll wait You're so confident I know it must be there somewhere. Go ahead I mean just take a break from you falling for the big election lie like a sucker and just find where I want to completely wipe the confederacy from this earth. Surely you're not being a hyperbolic little typical Steve, right? Surely I said that and it'll be plain to see. I definitely didn't clearly reference museums, books, etc. So go ahead ....
  12. Ha, yeah, sure. You've already made it pretty clear you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer with your mask comments on here (or any comments on the main board that lead to you getting dog piled) You're just another example of "anti expert" culture hurting this country as a whole. Not only a shame but a danger overall. That's it
  13. MLD Woody

    Removing Confederate generals statues

    You gotta love when toting the party line loops so far back on itself that the "Real Americans" are lining up to defend and celebrate those that went to war with the US. Amazing. The sane hypocrisy happens with spending, govt power, etc though so it's not a surprise...
  14. I'm talking about the anti mask nonsense, you idiot. Yes, the virus can shed in a handful of ways and can be received a handful of ways. If you think that invalidates masks then I imagine you don't buckle your seatbelt either. I mean, what's the point?
  15. MLD Woody

    Insurrection Testimonies

    We don't even need to address the hearing People here still literally believe that January 6th was just a tourist group that got a little rowdy. We have this all on video. Hours of video. And there are posters here that refuse to call it what it is. Amazing and concerning that someone can be that absolutely blind.