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  1. mopaji

    Lets Talk About T Rich

    Agreed. He moved piles, one guy couldn't take him down, he was able to make something out of nothing. The real issue is, why is Weeden not allowed to audible out of a HB dive into an 8 man front with no FB? T-Rich had no chance. He was as patient as he could have been with 4 guys on him as soon as he got the ball.
  2. Yes because we are doing much less with way more. And nobody has felt good about any of our wins this year.
  3. It's worse than 99's team. We have more talent on this team that we may have ever had and we look as bad or worse than we ever have. It's aweful. Mangini made the hard decisions and got these guys playing like a family. Now, with better talent, they are being set up to fail and look like they just want to go home and sleep the season through. It's disgusting.
  4. mopaji

    Greg Little Wr A Beast That Can Yac!

    He catches with his hands!!!!!! All I wanted was a big WR that goes after the ball rather than waiting for it. We got that, and he's physical and looks for the end zone every time. i love this pick. I like the entire draft. We have a lot of young talent and I really hope the lockout ends. Now more than ever before.
  5. mopaji

    Phil Taylor

    Thanks slimdog. I tend to stop paying attention to Browns news until free agency. I didn't even know Big Baby was gone. That does make the pick even better.
  6. mopaji

    Phil Taylor

    Yeah but I think Mangini was the DB guy in last year's draft. I'm not convinced Holmgren drafts very well and I'm still not sure about Heckert. Still, I like getting a DT I'm just not sure that is a glaring need for us as much as DE or OLB.
  7. mopaji

    Phil Taylor

    Like a lot of you I don't see why we had to trade back up to get him but I'm sure we had our reasons. At first, I hated the pick but the more I think about it, the more I'm coming to terms with it. I don't really have a doubt that he will be a really good DT I just don't know why we went DT when we have Rodgers and Rubin. We'll have a much better idea of what the thought process was in picking him after day two is done and we see what we go for.
  8. mopaji

    Phil Dawson is Still a Brown!

    I'm trying not to get carried away this soon into the offseason but I just haven't liked anything they have done since the season ended. Phil is a kicker. Great guy, good kicker, but he's a kicker. There is no need to franchise him unless they are just doing him a personal favor for enduring this crap his entire career. I'm okay with that. But as a football move on it's own, it makes no sense.
  9. mopaji

    Phil Dawson is Still a Brown!

    I can't believe I'm saying this but, I agree with you. He's a kicker! New England even let Vinateri walk. Why? Because he's a kicker.
  10. mopaji

    Phil Dawson is Still a Brown!

    Gip, is there a way to find out his stats on kicks over 40 yards?
  11. mopaji

    Phil Dawson is Still a Brown!

    Good for Phil. But it's an Oakland/Cincy move. Who franchises a fooking kicker?!?!
  12. mopaji

    Jeff Fisher out as Titans coach

    I don't care what Shurmer's contract says, he's a talking head and nothing more. Make him the OC and get Fisher to coach this team!!
  13. mopaji

    Browns Fans, Hold Your Heads High

    Because of this, there is no real incentive to win games. The Lerner's look at the profit sheet; not the win column. Every few years they fire and hire somebody to get the fans excited just long enough to sell the following season's tickets. Watch, right before tickets go on sale, you'll see a big name free agent get signed, a trade for an extra draft pick, or a story about how a fan favorite is killing it in OTA's; only to end the season at 5-11. Mangini was building this team the right way, for continued success. Lerner followed the above formula like he does every year, and here we are again, starting over. It's like spring time again for much of the fan base. It's colorful and warm. But for a lot of us; we know damn well we are just weeks away from a hot, humid, mosquito-infested, rainy summer that turns to winter just before our emotional meltdown.
  14. mopaji

    Anyone Else Excited?

    Yeah I get that it's a stretch but it is really difficult to figure out why these moves are being made if you are sincerily trying to do what's best for the team in the long run.
  15. mopaji

    Anyone Else Excited?

    What he means by "I will be calling the plays" is "Mike will tell me what playbook to use and will by the end of the year, have a head-set on. Oh, and he is looking for a guy who understands that he will be fired after week 5 and be replaced by 'interim OC' Mike Holmgren who will ultimately come down and replace his buddy Shurmur with no hard feelings and friendship still in tact." But I'm sure it's all in the best interest of the Browns and their fans.