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  1. jrb12711

    NFL Draft Round 4 and Beyond

    Heres a simple thing about Togiai that makes me love his upside. He missed some key games last year on the line, and the performance on the defensive line CLEARLY dipped in those games. At a school like Ohio State, that means something. Great pick.
  2. jrb12711

    Aaron Rogers wants out of GB...

    Rodgers gives any team with middle of the road talent a chance to make it all the way. Right now with the draft being the way it is I trade 2 1st round picks all day If I’m Las Vegas, Miami, Washington, giants, colts, or the saints.
  3. jrb12711

    Clowney is a Brownie

    Eh, I don't really care about year to year stuff. Who knows, but one would think he's a more humbled man after his last bad (read-awful) season, on top of a non-insignificant injury. at 28, I would also hope the man realizes it's his last shot to prove he can stay in the league. I'll be shocked if he gets an offer over $3 million guaranteed with bonus incentives (very similar to Tarrik). Is that worth the roster spot? based on our depth chart now, I'd say yes. If they are planning to heavily draft OLB/DE talent? maybe not.
  4. Oh, I do haha. And also, great coaching can overcome what the Browns roster was in those days. Hell, the Dolphins two seasons ago put up the white flag maybe more than we did and yet SOMEHOW Flores got that team to 5-11? I'm not even suggesting those teams were good for 5 wins combined over those two seasons, but 1-31 is amazingly awful. Boy, those were some longgg seasons haha.
  5. Hue Jackson is the embodiment of two things being true at the same time. We can all agree that those rosters were laughably bad. Those teams were setting up to tank about as intentionally as possible. But, this doesn't mean that Hue wasn't an awful coach too. From "trust me on this one" Kessler to "I can mold him" Kizer, his then claim to fame of being a "QB whisperer" went up in flames. He made mind numbingly stupid decisions during the game that while they don't come to mind objectively hindered wins. This is a burning a bridge, I guess he really must be okay with lacing them up. I just hope he takes a long look in the mirror and realizes if he was a good coach, he would be on a staff right now. Very telling he's been out of the league essentially three years and is now planning this book.
  6. jrb12711

    Browns sign Takk McKinley

    With this signing I still hope we're eyeing speed guys on the edge and interior DL. I'm still not against getting a few veterans in there, and drafting OLB/DE talent high. Currently eyeing guys like Casey for the DL (who will take a one year deal), taking a chance on Kawann short, etc. Our front seven still needs to get plugged in a good bit.
  7. Sad to see Larry go-he was the first player drafted by my alma mater and really had two strong years before this last season. I'm sure he'll have a good career in the NFL.
  8. jrb12711

    Price Increase

    I mean, I get it and obviously declining revenues from last year played a big part. I just think it would have been a nice, solid business move gesture to significantly lessen the price increase for people who have owned season tickets for say 10+ years. People who WILLINGLY gave money to this organization during that time frame, in my opinion, deserve some sort of recognition of that. To be very honest (not that I lived close) and no disrespect of course, but until this season you couldn't have paid me to own season tickets. I can understand the backlash from people in this bucket.
  9. No matter how you slice it, it's insanely easier to leave money on the table when it's growing on your trees. I'm not going to fault guys for not taking a pay cut compared to the situaton TB12 has had the last 10+ years of his career.
  10. The thing is, highest paid QB in the league has been nothing more than a benchmark, not some badge of honor. I'm almost positive Derek Carr, Jimmy G, and Kirk Cousins were technically the highest paid dudes for a while when they first got their deals. Again, we're just going to disagree that he's only "good". Prescott from a stats standpoint would have been a top 3-4 MVP vote getter if healthy. All I'm going to say is that Baker, barring serious regression, is going to get a very similar deal. You may want to strap in if this deal doesn't make you happy from a money standpoint.
  11. jrb12711

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    Look, the military literally came out and said we need help cause we have a confirmed case of a UFO. It's not crazy to think other people are seeing them. Also, that Cowherd clip might literally be the dumbest thing that man has ever said.
  12. That decision to take pay cuts is about 10000000000x easier when your wife is worth $400 million by herself and grosses $40-60 million dollars annually. That really can't be understated.
  13. Dak Prescott is a top 10 (albeit on the 9-10 range) QB in the NFL. I genuinely don't get how people don't see that, and stats and data support that as well. He's firmly in the "tier 2" of QB play (which is where I'd put Mayfield, as well). You could argue before being injured he was playing at "tier 1" level as well. Dude was 4th in QBR in 2019, and was on pace to be a top 5 QBR type player in 2020 as well. Deshaun Watson and Prescott have eerily similar stats, yet somehow Watson is worth the money? Come on. If you want to argue the QB's are getting too much money, how it impacts the cap? I'm with you. But Prescott absolutely deserves to be paid as a starting NFL QB, and Mayfield will too if he puts up a similar year to 2020.
  14. jrb12711

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    I can't speak for defense, but you definitely may be right there. The thing about Kyler, though, is that the stats are padded a good bit from first half of season to 2nd half of season. This article speaks to it well: https://apnews.com/article/nfl-seattle-seahawks-new-england-patriots-football-arizona-cardinals-c70809423b944b6773a21c41f05081cc. I'm not suggesting he isn't on the upswing, but I'm going to be really interested to see how he looks this year. There's a lot of evidence to suggest teams started figuring him out a bit.
  15. jrb12711

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    Watt took the place that at least had a blueprint for success and offered him the most money. Murray somewhat quietly showed regression in a lot of areas last year, so we shall see. I hope everyone here realizes that $23 million guaranteed for a 32 year old DE who objectively has shown decline in health and stats was not it for this club. We have way too many young guys to pay for that short term cap struggle.