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  1. Where you be brother? 

  2. miktoxic


    allen CLEAR winner today and stock will rise. rosen looked like garbage. darnold not throwing. lamar too inconsistent. and a plain Shmuck you to mayfield. for those who can't see that then they are B-L-I-N-D, but there's a lot of that going around these days. yep people can catch the ignorant pooper disease from a sneeze now.
  3. miktoxic


    loved the mack byner back when we owned the AFC (central back then?) but he committed the ultimate sin. if not for his fumble i believe we'd at least one lombardi to habg our hats on (as fans).
  4. first time with money can do a lot of things to an ego maniac. ray lewis. jamal lewis. and the infamous ray carruth are the first to come to mind. even though they love their moms, the lack of a father figure shows no way to model your behaviour. hell, i wonder how many trouble makers started in HS then through college and onto your team? can't be the first time this fool was out at 3am (not cc, but in general). i'd say 95% of the guys are decent people but most turned to sports to get them and their families out of their situation. so sometimes you revert back to what you know. nothing good happens after midnite at the clubs.
  5. miktoxic

    Brown's top players to rebuild with?

    B.U.LL.S.H.I.T. maybe 6-8 players are starter capable for another bad team. lines are not that good and get ready for JT's retirement. the OL will need (IMO) about a 75% rebuild and we might have a couple of LBs, a couple DEs and DL that are decent. but after that it's a S.h.i.t.e. show. our running game sucks. and gordon is only decent receiver who might never see those #s again put up the last year before his other (upon other, upon other) suspension for smoking weed.
  6. miktoxic

    Players are sick of Haslam, Hue and Dorsey

    but they can jump high and run fast!! and sport's science espn shows us how mingo is the new prototypical DE. do players just come here to fail? btw....????? how can anyone gate shakes the clown? he's been on the job a week. this team was losing a long time before that.
  7. miktoxic

    SEASON'S OVER! On to 2018

    hey PoG.... heard jon gruden is gonna get the raider's coaching gig......... haslam's mobey must be printed on carpetbag fiber, either that or he didn't want to come to cleveland when given the opp years ago. how come no one mentions louis riddick for FO gig? smart, young....played here and with other franchises and has experience. we always get some decrepit shaking fool or some guy who wouldn't know how to build a team cuz there's too many #s running through his mind.
  8. miktoxic


    prob greg pruitt.
  9. yeah and Johnny Vegas was the guy who threw to Gordon that gave him that incredible PB year. not. always 'liked' gordon and believe he could have been one of our all-time greats and at least held down a cornerstone as our #1 for years if it wasn't for his addiction or stupidity. it's like 'hmmmm........ i could eat this energy bar and stay in the gym or film room for an xtra hour or two or go meet up with khalif and blow this cone....???..... where Khalif at? btw, wonder what ur blow boy baker shitfield has to say this morning? hmmm. prob not a word as he's in vegas with a fake moustach and wig. had plenty to say to Georgia bench when they were running it up on them in first half. then at the end nuthin but a fistful of tears. oh baker ur so fine, ur so fine u blow my mind, HEY BAKER!!
  10. first thing good i've heard about dorsey so far. rosen and darnot are garbage just one needs another year to sit in the landfill. safety and rb, first two picks then the future franchise k. Kempt. ^rosen/lynch inbred cycle.
  11. miktoxic


    there are guys crow's size that make him look like doo doo, that can actually shake and bake, shed tacklers or carry them along for the ride. haven't had a true de force RB since who byner? and 4.1 ypc mean Sheet if you can't get one yard for a first down or run the ball into the endzone from 4 yards out. CHUBB.
  12. miktoxic


    who dat?
  13. miktoxic


    the 'Cracker' Jacker? or just plain 'the Man'? but neither are worthy of distinction (.......yet?.........)and one isn't even close. my solution draft IOWA ST QB Kyle Kemp, who each time i've seen him this year he performs dead on with great arm. knock would no pro style but spread. b then trade for kaaya from lions. liked him better than 1/2 QBs going last year. wouldn't blow your picks on busts but could comcentrate on building back end of D and getting us real OL and RB.
  14. miktoxic

    If Hue makes a splash

    how much for cleanup afterwards? willl it be exxon valdez expensive or.....?????