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    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/03/report-jeremiah-owusu-koramoah-heart-condition-led-to-draft-stock-falling/ Hopefully he's good to go for a long time.
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    I've never been so embarrassed by an American president. No wonder the left has vacated the forum. They know they can't validate their dumbass votes.
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    If this the "Tim" of which you speak?
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    I think I got 5 right or something like that ...... I got 4 right in round 1 tho which was 1 more than the consensus draft
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    The jokes write themselves.
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    With a name like that, a mix between the Rumba and the Mamba, he has to come up with some special celebration dance.
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    Leave it to Mel to bring our grade down ... Z
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    He'll have a chance to make his mark, he might be another guy we protect until next year ... I hope he brings it. Zombo
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    He came as himself. That should have sufficed to pass the "crazy fanatic" part.🧐🤪
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    "Put the dog down, sir"
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    Here are the cuts I made from my roster as the picks came in: Rd 1 Newsome CB > R. Jackson, CB Rd 2 JOK LB > E. Lee, LB Rd 3 Schwartz WR > J. Bradley, WR Rd 4 Hudson OT > A. Taylor, OT Rd 4 Tommy Toga, DT > S. Day, DT Rd 5 Tony Fields, LB > M. Wilson, LB Rd 5 LeCounte, S > J. Moffatt, S Rd 6 Fenton RB/WR > Did not immediately add him to roster, could be a protected practice squader, but the guy to beat out is Jo Jo Natson for kick returner. Zombo
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    Bottom line- "We just watched Part 2 over the last few months. This should be a much better defense now than a year ago." Much like the offense was better in 2020. And I think we added some very special ST players as well. That has been under publicized, but there are 3 major parts to a real competitive team, not just two.
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    Always nice to receive attaboys from the all knowing peanut gallery, but grading the draft hours after it's over is like buying a brand new car and then immediately proclaiming it the most dependable car you've ever owned.
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    I'm not sure the contract they gave to Wilson guarantees he makes the roster. They spent big on UFA Green last year, and he ended up on the practice squad. It will be very interesting to see how they handle the LB room. I think Mac makes it before TakiTaki, but that's just my opinion. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Fields and JOK hang out in the safety room as well. Yes, they are not "true" safeties but because of their hybrid abilities, I'm guessing they will have some of those responsibilities as well.
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    How cool is that ! I hope he gets to be mentored by Joe Thomas. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/new-browns-t-james-hudson-credits-joe-thomas-film-for-big-college-transition New Browns T James Hudson credits Joe Thomas film for big college transition "Joe Thomas, I look up to him," Hudson said in a video call with local reporters. "When I first got switched from defensive line to offensive line, I went to YouTube, and I typed in Joe Thomas. That was the first thing I did, just to learn some stuff, see how he plays the game and apply what he did to my game." Now, Hudson will look to continue to blossom at the position with the same team as Thomas. Hudson, a Toledo native, was drafted by the Browns in the fourth round (110th overall) of the 2021 NFL Draft. He emerged as one of the top tackle prospects of the draft class after becoming a full-time starter with Cincinnati, where he transferred after the 2018 season, and earning First Team All-AAC honors in 2020. At 6-foot-4 and 313 pounds, Hudson immediately enters the competition as a swing tackle — he practiced both left and right tackle in college — and joins an offensive line that was the top-ranked unit in the NFL in 2020.
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    Finally going HOME Friday afternoon 4/30/21. This was a tough 6+ months. I'm ready to go home and relax.
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    Thinking it’s shaping up to be Newsome. sleeper Elijah Moore
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    They will draft a CB in Rd1 If CB Greg Newsome II is there he is the pick...if he is gone...Georgia CB Eric Stokes! I really do like the trade back scenario SD Backer 80 suggests above!!!
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    I’m saying Greg Newsome as well. DB is still an unsettled position as two of three guys we are counting on have missed significant time the past two years.
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