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    Found this one posted by Nickers in the Barber Shop... Sadly, It's to awesome not to post it here^^ Thanks Nickers!
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    Despite your baseless name calling (a useless non-argument) Joe Biden is every bit the "slimeball" you imagine trump to be. He has earned his millions not from political office but from selling influence through his obviously crooked son. After your unfounded accusations of Trump strong arming Ukraine Joe did it and bragged it on television. As far as lying? Your only defense is that Joe probably doesn't even know what hes reading off a telepropter. And his policies are absolutely more destructive to the United States than any of Trump's. WSS
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    Baker is fucking cool as shit. He lives on a lake with his hot wife, he took us from 0-16 to 12-6 and he can wear any fucking shirt he wants. Think of all the soulless fucks we've had at the position between Bernie and him ... Z
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    Yes I know Woodrow you want everybody to think that you are a fair and balanced even minded and completely neutral thinker.. even though your defences are almost always for the left and your attacks against the right. And it's always a good idea just to step away if you can't defend your position or make any real point. If you can't see the truth then really who cares? WSS
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    There is so much video out there being stifled it's not even funny. BLAntifa was entering the Capital Building while Trump was still speaking (he was late, but they didn't know that and kept on their schedule).
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    That’s where your wrong. I have a huge family. I’m from a huge family. I work in a commercial workplace ,my wife in a residential workplace. I and my family and people in the real world , we live in reality. Not hunkered down with stubborn old non informed views. We travel for work at times as do the kids. YOU can’t get past Trump. It’s about a hell of a lot more than Trump and you refuse to see that or even here that. The fact that you even mentioned a stutter as an excuse for mush brains is why you got the troll tag. Imagine the leader of the free world championing for the murder of innocent babies….and your pipeline closure defense with no mention of the Russians pipeline???? It goes on and on.
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    Well then please explain it to us...if you can and you're not just talking out your ASS!
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    That's a man that does not give af what you think. Love him. Z
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    Capitol Police rejected offers of help before riot https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/01/07/capitol-police-rejected-offers-of-help-before-riot/ Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Requests For National Guard Denied 6 Times In Riots https://www.npr.org/2021/01/11/955548910/ex-capitol-police-chief-rebuffs-claims-national-guard-was-never-called-during-ri
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    A bunch of blather and you failed to answer one single question. You should be a politician the way you circumvent questions.
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    Muslim parents demanded removal of pork in all school canteen in Montreal and its suburbs. The mayor of Dorval, a suburb of Montreal, refused and sent a note to all parents to explain why. ′′ Muslims should be aware that they should adapt to Canada and Quebec their customs, traditions and their way of life." ′′ Muslims must realize that they must integrate and learn to live in Quebec. They need to change their lifestyle, not Canadians who so generously welcomed them." ′′ Like other peoples, Canadians are not ready to give up their identity and their culture." ′′ Finally, they must understand that in Canada (Quebec), with its Judeo-Christian roots, Christmas trees, churches and religious holidays, religion should remain a personal matter. Dorval Municipality has the right to deny any discounts to Islam and Sharia." ′′ For Muslims who disagree with secularism and don't feel comfortable in Canada, there are 57 wonderful Muslim countries in the world, most of them are poorly populated and ready to accept them with open arms according to Sharia. ′′ If you left your country for Canada, not for other Muslim countries, it's because you believed life in Canada was better than somewhere else. We will not allow you to bring Canada down to the level of those 57 countries." ′′ Ask yourself this question - just once :" Why is it better here in Canada than where you came from? ′′ ′′ The canteen with the pork in the menu is part of the answer." If you came to Canada with the idea that you would displace us with your prolific spread and eventually take over the country, you would have to pack up and go back to where you came from. We don't have room for you and your ideology. If you accept the situation, stay. If not then prepare to leave."
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    You seriously need to open up the windows of your mind and let Trump out.
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    PartyA always appears to love defectors from party B until push comes to shove at which point they will pick one of their own. I would ask those who have always been progressive if they would still love these particular candidates if their surly attitude toward Trump was not a factor? WSS
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    IMO Felton is competing against Natson for a KR / Gadget Player role, DJ is our third running back.
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