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    Well, I got lucky... the Browns just sent me my official invitation today to be a part of the Inner Sanctum next Friday. I may even have an extra invite to spare, they're allowing me to bring up to three guests- have to be fully vaccinated... You have to realize it's got to be immediate family asked first though.... 😊 "Congratulations! You have been selected to join the Cleveland Browns and the National Football League at the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland! It has been a challenging and unprecedented year for everyone, and we are grateful to continue to welcome fans at NFL events in a responsible way."
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    The Brown Eye Cuz you can’t go through the Brown Eye without going through some shit.
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    CB Greg Newsome, Northwestern
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    For Steve..
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    Huge difference between cancel culture and telling the loudest of the village idiots to fuck off.
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    McNeil v UNC @ :06 - Slight shade from Alim and the Playside End/Tackle. Still a two gap for AM in a Zone to/ Zone away situation. First things I noticed that show up routinely are a low base, flat back, head up and good weight distribution. While his arms aren't long, run to the snap and pause - his FIRST move before anything it to use those arms. He's not crashing into contact with his body, He's using his strength and length to control his man while still maintaining those great fundamentals I mentioned before. He controls just enough of the center to walk him back and prevent too much lateral movement on this weakside zone. Because the natural crease on these plays are to the inside shoulder of the playside gaurd or the center, Alim does a fine job of fighting to stay square and ripping his inside arm free to attack the ball carrier. Granted, this was an PRO but if this ball was a give, then I can ask no more of my Nose on this play. He's won his assignment and is forcing the halfback into a negative depth of cut after driving the center back. Great first look. @ 0:20 - Before you run this play, do a box count. NC State regularly runs 6 man boxes and some type of 2 shell, even on running downs/distances. They do this because of their skill up front, the bulk of which I credit to Alim. AM on a heads up 2 gap look, run the snap... see? Arms create contact, LOW base with that initial leg drive. It's almost like watching someone at the gym do a front face hack-squat. Either that or this kid never leaves the blocking sleds. His first hit is always jaunting this center. Heavy, heavy hands along with active eyes and feet. But this is where I talk about fundamental play. AM knows the center is over-extending and putting everything he can into holding his ground. So he shifts his weight, maintains leverage and literally puts the man down to pursue and force this lateral. @ 1:02 - Please, just watch this kids initial contact on the center. He creates that force and it's nasty... always. The contact re-establishes that interior LOS and almost completely fucks this pull. @ 1:12 - IZ to, never lets the center cross his face. wins the first step and outside shoulder so immediate that he can stay square and locate the would-be ball carrier. @ 1:20 - Slides to with the lateral action. Immediate recognizes no give, uses his hands and active leg drive to rip back acorss the center. LG got in on the double after no work to his side, AM still pushing them back. You'll hear the phrase "more active than athletic" thrown around this time of year. Because it applies to this very type of situation and player. Alim is a more "active" pass rusher/gap shooter. He isn't an elite athlete like Aaron Donald is. His hustle, strength, fundamental play and non-stop motor are what get him results in the middle. Probably gets the pressure here if the LG doesn't kick over late. @ 1:29 - I don't have to say it anymore than what you're watching. His pad level, contact, leg drive, strength and first step are elite for his position. His hands are into the centers chest before that ball hits the QB's hands on the snap. Keep in mind he's 2 gapping here, either side of the center he has to own to make this defense work. This looks some type of pin and pull scheme. Maybe @Tour2ma can help me out here with that one but it sure looks it? Either way it matters little because like I said earlier, AM re-establishing and knocking back that interior LOS almost again completely fucks this LG pulling. Actually if this was a give then yeah... that's a bust. @ 2:32 - Strong side split zone with a sift from the frontside H. The sift is late and doesn't pick up the backside crash. Even if it did, I highly doubt this play goes anywhere. Once again AM is controll his two gaps and the center, this time with this left arm. Keeping that outside shoulder and arm free to bring down the ball carrier or at worst to turn this back inside to traffic. @ 3:05 - RPO, a well designed one too. Because they're reading the frontside curl/flat defender. That would be #13, 2nd from the top. IF he steps down, balls going out against the cushion. He stays flat or gets depth, RB gets the ball. But pay attention to Alim here. Center is completely handled and the LG struggles to get through the limited space to the next level. So much that when these linebackers read pull, they don't hesitate - they go. @ 3:13 - Interesting look. Lock the box, read the weakside edge, then you have another RPO with the QB having the Y on the curl or he can keep it himself since the backside flash block becomes a lead. Oh, yeah... Alim. Center got bullied again. So much so that the guards are now looking to help chip before they move to the 2nd level. Guards can't cleanly move to the backers and the downhill pursuit is having a field day beating the pulls to the line. @ 4:14 - This is as close to a "win" as the center got. I just felt you should see that. @ 4:55 - When you drive the center in the manner that Alim does, these guards are having to work their ass off rounding out their steps to pull. Gives your backers time to recover, better vision on the backfield, and more chances for tacklers to make the play with the extra space. @ 5:40 - UNC got cute, RG tried to immediately work to the Mack backer without giving his center help. Instead Alim handled the man so bad he practically made the play himself. By the way, that's him winning laterally, staying square but driving his man back north south while keeping his eyes in the backfield. That's gap integrity, disruption and a finish all in one. I can't ask for my nose to play any better in the redzone. I either get my center some serious help or pray I can dial up perimeter runs. @ 7:06 - A rare example of a big man who has quick feet, and tight lower/upper body sync'd control. Alim worked to set this guard up to his outside shoulder, then spins back inside off contact. Leg drive was still there and didn't slow down until the back got in on the chip help. Might look silly to some of you, but that was one of those "Ok, so he can do THIS" kind of moments. Where you take what you know, blend it with an idea, and project to what he may accomplish in your defense at the NFL level. I know people have his size that can't even spin like that. But you notice the quick hands like a boxer trying to get the guard to "watch the birdie". Another subtle detail. @ 8:08 - UNC not getting cute anymore. Center loses and loses back, RG comes into make sure this isn't a disaster on the double team. Alim still gets into and through the gap. That center is 2 yards deep. You're forcing the RB to cut which is exactly what you want. The only thing that kept this from being a potential safety was the backside pursuit and safety coming down fast and with such poor body control. @ 8:23 - I've reference a few players before on this board who played in similar defensive systems. Poona Ford, Gregg Gaines, Bravvion Roy... All were 2 gap noses but not the "traditional" 340-350lb Behemoths. You didn't get much of a chance to see them pressure QB's because that wasn't what they're tasked to do. This is an example of what happens when McNeil wins a single gap and just pushes upfield. I'd like to think there's a certain design here to get Alim this look because the backside 4i is just taking up space on the guard and tackle. IF it wasn't, then it was all AM. @ 8:31 - Another good look for the "active vs athletic" side of an interior push. Against a slide protect too. The entire front creates this pressure but Alim getting so far upfield forces the throw away. @ 10:14 - Almost a carbon copy of earlier when Alim walked the center and got the RB. The only difference is a little window dressing from UNC with the Z on a little jet action. RG goes for the frontside ILB and Alim forces the RB to head square into nothing or look for a cutback. (spoiler alert, it was nothing) @ 10:30 - Active eyes - eyes up. Works the center with his arms, reads the cutback - sheds and almost makes the tackle. I wanted to know just who Alim was abusing in this game (The center) because aside from that one time said center drew neutral, he didn't win a single 1 on 1 look. Hell, he barely won with chip or double team help. Brian Anderson, JR. 6-3 300lbs. Rimmington Watch list and ACC lineman of the week in October. So in short, Alim didn't just work over some freshman, a backup, a walk-on or what have you. He smoked a kid who is going to get legit NFL looks and will be drafted. Credit to the coaches at NCState. Because while the backup nose wasn't as effective, it had nothing to do with coaching and everything to do with talent. The backup was equally fundamental in his play (base, pad level, arms and leverage) Alim just has that functional strength that translates so damn well to the IDL it isn't even funny. And for 6'2 320lbs? He moves VERY well with short area quickness for a kid that size. He would be likely getting 1st round hype at a bigger program and in a defense that would have given him more 1 gap responsibilities. A few more chances to rush the passer would have looked outstanding on his resume'. So like I said, there is a certain "projection" here when you talk about where you see him in a Joe Woods defense. But what you wanted to see with consistency is what you'll find in this cutup. Notice that word I Love? Consistency. Doing it here or there is one thing - doing it play after play is another matter entirely. I think he fits in whatever alignment Joe prefers. I Know, going off the 2017 and 2018 tape I watched, that Woods would like to get back to some of those 3 man "under" and blended gap fronts along with more single high looks. Cover 1, cover 3 and such. The return of Andrew Billings really helps the Browns in terms of making those looks a reality this defense could effectively deploy. But Andrew is coming off of not playing football for a whole year and what side-effects that may entail. And outside of Billings we lack a true nose who can log quality snaps. Keep in mind the Browns kept 7 linebackers on the active roster last season. .... SEVEN. I wouldn't at all put it past this coaching staff to draft 2 IDL's this season and only run with 6 linebackers. 3 as "starters" 4th rotational and 2 more for special teams. I just think that regardless of the front, McNeil can be a very effective value player for Cleveland. Some of us are worried about how long Billings will be on this team for and the long-term outlook for the Dline. As of next year we'd be set to lose Clowney, Billings, Jackson & Takk. That's no short order. Having some long(er) term stability to pair with Myles on the cheap would be an absolutely sound investment. My early eye LOVES the potential combination of my own personal team building philosophy along with this talent on tape. Any IDL you're drafting this year is going to come in and asked to play rotational minutes. Mostly late game, early downs and redzone/goaline work. Yes, that includes @TexasAg1969 beloved Barmore. VALUE. If I can get 90+ % of Barmore's production in the first 2 years spending a 45th pick as opposed to a 26th overall pick then I'm going to do it each and everytime. It isn't sexy, it isn't flashy. In all honesty it's boring as fuck to watch unless you're truly into seeing how the trenches play out (obviously, I am) What McNeil does, he does VERY well. I'm excited to watch more.
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    What's wrong with what they are?........THE DAWGS! Mike
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    Too bad this guy was white, his death by a cop’s knee to the neck didn’t register a blip on the MSM radar. https://apnews.com/article/9612534be8b3885bcbf9d80a36a020bb
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    Actually no, we support fair trials..
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    I wanted JOK in the 1st. To get him at 52 is unreal. Berry hit a grand slam.
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    Always knew you loved analytics
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    How about developing one before trying to name it ?
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    https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/.amp/browns-maven-features/richardson-impact-in-nfl-draft?__twitter_impression=true This was a good read for me
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