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Lums was right

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Can anyone explain to me how 'playing the guy who gives us the best chance to win' doesn't apply to every other position? Notably RB?



speaking of running backs Adrian Peterson was there for the taking but nooooooooooooooo...


peterson would be the franchise. He would have brought the browns back. I SAID TAKE HIM but no

it was clear that choosing an offensive tackle to be the franchise was the wise move.




Told you so.


But now im done with the told you so stuff.


Next Im going to name the one thing that could actually get this team a winning season THIS year: narrow the fooking SPLITS on the line. Ridiculously wide. splits that look nothing like any other offense in the league. The browns linemen spend their whole time trying to react to their gaps and lose leverage right away, never fire off the ball. NO WONDER THEY CANT RUN THE BALL.

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Sorry, had Quinn lit-up the place with an awesome display of QB'ing, I may be writing about the Brady Nation, but around here we have to give credit where credit is due and I have to say that DA is our better QB.


Thanks for keeping the hope Lums.


LOL! Knock it off Jerry Springer! Isn't he a basterd folks?

- Tom F.

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