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WHO (owned by china) is going to buy chinese (fake/inefective) vaccines to distribute around the world

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spitting in America's face to the detriment of the rest of the world. Which, they helped china lie, lied for china, and covered up the truth about covid...also to the detriment of the rest of the world.

read on - dangerous times. the UN/WHO - corrupt.


World Health Org To Distribute Chinese Vaccines Over U.S. Objections

Vaccine distribution network COVAX buys Chinese doses amid questions about efficacy

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More on Chinese manufactured vaccines....... sounds like a poor counties vs vaccine effectiveness battle here.  And COVAC was established by the UN and run by the WHO.  This might get interesting to follow..  I'm also careful of my sources especially on international stories,  this seems ok......

......The White House notified Congress on Monday that COVAX, the WHO's vaccine distribution network that primarily aids poorer countries, will buy the Chinese-made vaccine, which is widely seen as less effective than the American versions. COVAX has struggled with a shortfall in available vaccines even as the United States shares millions of doses with the world. Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinovac and Sinopharm are now in line to sell COVAX millions of doses, according to Bloomberg. The Biden administration warned COVAX against relying on the Chinese-made vaccine, and no U.S. funds will be used by the organization to complete the purchase, congressional sources told the Washington Free Beacon.......?

.......COVAX's reliance on the Chinese-produced vaccine comes amid questions about its efficacy. China has obfuscated data on the vaccine's effectiveness, which some studies say is just 79 percent effective in blocking COVID infections. That is lower than most of the U.S.-made vaccines, which are closer to 95 percent effective. The U.S. government has also published reams of data on vaccines to promote transparency on the issue and encourage Americans to get at least one shot.......


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