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Upcoming HyperInflation

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Anyone following the current apocalypse that is the OBiden Pretendency should see the Writing on the Wall of the upcoming Economic catastrophe of Hyperinflation.


The older Farts among us will remember the Carter years, and realize that is what is heading dead on our way.


A few items to consider for the upcoming turmoil.


Water - boil it if you don't get it Bottled, and even that is not a guarantee.

The current PH of our water is at the ideal level for Bacteria and Virus's - just sayin'


Food - it's going to be much more expensive in the coming months as they are enticing Farmers to destroy their crops (1.5 x value, and no subsidies otherwise) .

Buy canned / dried of whatever you normally get to last several months.

It's not like you'll never use it, but getting it now means you'll have it and that you won't pay a small fortune for what you want / need.


Fuel - don't know what to tell you on this, it's going higher, but please don't fill plastic bags / containers with Gasoline.


Here's a more long term assessment of things worth considering.




I'm just dropping nuggets of things to consider for the coming months.

Some things should play out better for long term.



Personally, I'm not as much into Gold as a hedge as most folk are - I believe we have far more Gold than people realize, and therefore the value is less than expected.



Do your own research on these things, people will have different opinions - I'm just pointing people to things I've looked at.



Crypto's ?

Most are backed by nothing, are not FDIC insured, and in essence are not regulated in any way.

BTC I've heard was created by the IC, and are far from anonymous in their transactions.


There are only half a dozen I'm aware of that are potentially backed by anything, and I'm not sure that's set in stone.


Potentially could amount to something, but I'd research the Hell out of any Crypto's you might me looking at.

If they're connected to China (BTC) in anyway - RUN.


Just my opinion.



Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc, and Real Estate) are top notch if you can swing them.

Real Estate will have Tax issues (Commerial value is dead - see Amazon), but if you're City / Urban bound you may need some land to grow crops.

Pretty damn dismal sounding ?

Yep, but there is that potential for things to get that dismal (see above for 1.5 x value to destroy crops).



I absolutely don't want to see things go this way, but I'm not going to pretend that they can't / won't under the current circumstances.



Consider / research / assess as you can - I've dropped my .02 on things as they are and are currently coming.


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Crazy World, huh cal ?


Wish I was wrong, but it's looking worse than I was thinking - and it's coming dang fast.


May have some follow up on my other thread, as others may want the Memory jog.


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Please move to the Poliboard. No need to ruin another forum.

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11 minutes ago, TexasAg1969 said:

Please move to the Poliboard. No need to ruin another forum.

I gotta agree.

Not about ruining the Forum but just try to keep it in one spot.

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