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Customized themed DawgPound truck

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From time to time, my mind thinks up some odd and different topics. I was just thinking about how the Browns could have their very own DAWG POUND truck. The Dawg Catcher, gathering up fans for recruitment into the Dawg Pound. My idea comes from the customized yellow truck that the Steelers used to show off near the end zone back in the 80's or early 90's. I think they used to call it the terrible truck. But actually, its a full size customized truck that was called the BEER TRUCK, by Tom Daniels. It was made into a Monogram model kit. Just google it, it will come up. It was a yellow flatbed truck with a barrell of beer in the back with chains and wood posts around the flat bed. My idea is similar to that, but the back of my truck would be steel bars and a round up of fans ready to be initiated into the DAWG POUND. My idea is similar to Tom Daniels truck called Dragon Wagon. I have a few details of my own to make it related to the DAWG POUND.

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