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Transportation Issues

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Transportation issues.
For my next trip, I may have to do a couple of things that I am wholly inexperienced at when it comes to travel:
A. I will probably have to take an Uber, and
B. I may have to drive a powerboat.
The Uber is because I am flying into Denver, and I likely will have to get my rental car at an "off airport" site, so I will likely have to take an Uber, or a cab to that site. Why? Because with airport taxes, my cost to get the rental car would be more than double than if I got it at the off airport site, which would be like $350 compared to $750 at the airport. My son gave me a bit of a lesson on how to do the Uber.
B. The powerboat? As some of you may know one of my goals is to make it to every National Park Unit on the continental US. There are nearly 390 of those, and I only have 29 of them left to go to. I plan/planned to go to like 3 of those on an upcoming trip to Colorado and Utah; but, one of them is the Rainbow Bridge National monument in southern Utah. There are just two ways to get to this: do a 30+ mile round trip hike through arid, rough desert lands on the Navajo Reservation, or take a boat of some sort out of Page Arizona on Lake Powell, arriving at a dock only about a mile from the natural structure. Problem there is, they did/do have a tour boat that takes people there on an all day tour; but....those tours are not running this year. So, in calling the marina, they say, however, that I can rent a powerboat that I can take myself to the bridge dock, 50 miles up the lake. It is an extra cost of like $300.00, but, that is cheaper than having to make another special trip out there when the tours are running, which I don't know when I could do even if I wanted to. So, I guess I gotta learn how to operate a powerboat...not that I guess it is that hard. But I would need some pointers.
So, if anyone can help, let me know.
By the way....my new avatar is of Rainbow Bridge, so you can see what I am efforting to do. 

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