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So, the covid19 virus originated from...china. and china lied out their wazoos, typical communists, and said it wasn't

contagious with humans. and that let it spread like wildfire.

Now, the murder hornets. from communist china.

covid - devastating effects... to everything. farmers. agriculture...

murder hornets - devastating effects... on agriculture. they like to eat honey bees.

that is pollinators, folks.

China wants us out of their way.

China-linked ‘Electric Panda’ hackers seek U.S. targets ...


Apr 16, 2020 · national security. China-linked ‘Electric Panda’ hackers seek U.S. targets, intel agency warns. The warning comes as tensions rise between the U.S. and China over the spread of …

China Is Plotting an EMP Attack on the US, Expert Claims ...


Jun 22, 2020 · Peter Pry, an expert in electromagnetic pulse weapons, known as EMPs, published an op-ed on June 18 in The Hill stating that China might be planning an EMP attack on the U.S…

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