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I hear that some of College Football's most long standing rivalries will end their streak of playing:

South Carolina/Clemson.....have played for 111 consecutive years.  Not this year.

Georgia/Georgia Tech....something like  80 plus years ending

Florida/FSU   62 year streak ending.   Here is a list of longest rivalries in college football from a reddit article. 

Longest Continuously Played Series in Major College Football


, it appears that nobody on the internet has a list of the longest continuously played series. I thought I'd do some research to come up with a comprehensive list, and I found that the longest continuously played series are:

One note: Apparently Kansas is the king of college football rivalries, as they were tied for having the longest streak before Nebraska bolted, currently have one of the longest streaks with KSU, and had another lengthy series with Missouri before they left.

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